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Your Potential Is Limitless

I was excited to hear that one of our distributors has a background in psychology. If you read the homepage then you know that I spent my four years at university studying the mind and human behavior. I sat down with Bev and we shared stories, both good and bad, about our experiences in mental health. She told me that she's worked in drug/alcohol addiction, child protective services and with prison inmates. Through hard work and dedication, she built rapport and credibility within the mental health community in Australia.

For twenty years she spent her life saving others. Despite being driven by selflessness, Bev asserts the notion that she was always unaware of the difference she was making in peoples lives. It wasn't until she joined the Prosperity Of Life Network that she was able to realize the huge impact she had made on so many. Although she is no longer present in the psychology world, she is still an influential leader in the eyes of many.

I initially thought that the role of the distributors was to create their network by recruiting people to sign up, but after sharing dinner with a few guests, my mind was changed. It's not the distributors job to convince their prospective clients of anything. Those interested in this line of work need to find the motivation to succeed on their own, the distributor is there to guide them through the process. When it comes to alcohol/drug addiction treatment, the first step for the patient is to seek help. Nothing will happen if they don't want to change. The same goes for personal development, the drive to succeed must come from within the person who's seeking success.


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