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Live and Let Live

Reading can enable one’s self to imagine. We read to immerse ourselves into a book and visualize our dreams. With unlimited interpretation, we create our own dream that revolves around that very book. Remember this analogy. This week, we have Kim and her husband, joining us from Australia, who reiterate the importance of focusing energy on one’s self to thrive and succeed both financially and mentally. That is, to “live and let live” as Kim said when we last spoke.

She was humble, inspirational and wise. Her aura would radiate around the villa, influencing those around her to adopt a modest outlook in life. Given her passion for reading, many of her experiences drew parallels with that passion.

It’s easy to say that one’s goal in life is to become financially sustainable. Yet there is always a story behind wanting that goal and that is where Kim stands out. Her reason for taking this online opportunity was to seek financial independence. Where she’d be able to publish her many books, including “Life Lessons” and her 70 page recipe book. As well as becoming a yoga instructor and furthermore, support her four children. She then addressed her book in the making, “Life Lessons”, which explains the hegemonic belief of the hierarchy starting from the gods, archangels, humans, animals, plants and finally, the insects. However, she expressed that without the human presence, nature will thrive exponentially but cannot be the same otherwise.

That is where “money talks”. She believes that with money, you can influence those around you to make a positive change, whether on a large or small scale. I was moved about her intentions to devote her finances in opening a sanctuary for domestically abused children and women as well as preserving habitats.

We then discussed the importance of taking responsibilities, good and bad, as it is what defines you. She interprets these responsibilities as a constant learning process. After all, there is no point of blaming others, avoiding your problems but to instead, move past them as life lesson. That is where she developed a mindset to know your strengths and weaknesses, and to work to them as an advantage. Fundamentally, it’s about your interpretation that differentiates you from other people.

Despite the many attributes that contribute to her successes, she told me how she was ill-disciplined when it came to achieving her many goals in life. She would set numerous goals as mentioned previously, but never seek to execute them. Instead, she’d jump from one goal to another. “A perfectionist is what I would describe myself” she said.

And so this is when the analogy comes at hand. Like reading a book, you deluge yourself into it and create innumerable fantasies you wish to accomplish. But to achieve these goals is an acquired quality shaped by Shane and Rachel. Thus, instead of reading a series of words over a series of pages to imagine living ones dream, it’s the Prosperity Of Life network that brings that dream to life.


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