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Life Without Limits

Who thought a single mom of three kids could take the opportunity to come down to Thailand alone? Meet Ann, who immediately created an impression stepping foot into the villa. Energy, ease and endless opportunity radiated from her character.

She discussed her background and journey up to this day and I was amazed to hear her diverse background like anything other distributor. With two majors in Electrical Maintenance & Avionics Engineering, she was still able to graduate with a BMA degree in 2008 as the only 'mature student' from her intake class. She wasn't bothered about the age or graduating later than expected, but rather achieving the results after all. This reminded me of Shane Krider's speech at last weeks Super Saturday & Sunday that it's not a matter of the timeframe you achieve fulfillment but rather the end-product. This quality immediately drew parallels among existing leaders within Prosperity Of Life.

She continued to show her persistent nature throughout the activities from her bungee jumping to go-karting. She was always the first one to take initiative whether she was relatively new or not to the activity. Although I must say, her game face was quite intimidating. This asset of hers explained her wins with Prosperity Of Life, being qualified after a month, getting two M7 fast tracks and qualifying as a M7 director.

Though despite her determined persona, she opened up about her softer side as an Independent Programs Provider for the Department of Corrections (DOCNZ), tutoring art to male prisoners at two major prison sites. She always took the extra step out of the ordinary whether that would be getting better quality paints, displaying their artwork at public exhibitions and ensuring her male prisoners found a true passion for art.

With her many revenue streams, her DOCNZ contract was the source of her main income. However as a result of legislation changes to the DOCNZ, the art funds were cut which caused a lot of strain to her income. At that rate, she knew the only way she could compensate for her highly lucrative job was to work 120 hours per week which was unfavorable.

That is when she stumbled upon Prosperity Of Life. Where Shane & Rachel Krider provide the guidance essential to achieving the time freedom as Ann desired. It made me realize that everyone in this industry was valued and respected either way, whether they were qualified as a M1 or M8 director.

Reflecting on this week of distributors has enlightened me. I never truly realized how truly unique each and every distributor was. The one thing I love seeing was how these distributors can relate to anyone else within the business, whether they are on the same level or not. That is what Shane & Rachel have created...a community unlike any other.


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