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Super Saturday & Sunday

Every year, Prosperity of Life host a conference for distributors around the world for a one-day intensive training experience. In fact this year, we had approximately 700 people coming down from an innumerable number of countries attending the ‘Super Saturday & Sunday’ event hosted at the Park Hyatt, Melbourne.

Distinguished leaders and members of ‘Prosperity of Life’ come and unite for an unimaginable training experience for further application to their online business venture. These people delve into a new mindset, obtaining invaluable knowledge and skill to experience explosive growth. Each day was comprised of countless opportunities to network, connect and earn a sense of clarity, definition and purpose on how to build a more prosperous future. In fact for the first time ever, ‘Prosperity of Life’ introduced an additional training day, ‘Super Sunday’, to provide even greater opportunities for those who have the desire to pursue a financially successful and fulfilled life.

Each leader shared personal insights and invaluable advice on successful prospecting, covering an array of topics from overcoming fears, negative self talk to embracing your higher self. The one thing that left me astonished was the community itself. The entire audience was involved, alert and always looking for new opportunities. And though despite the unique assets that differentiated each member, they all shared one common thing. Belief.

Each member believed in the system. That despite the timeframe, whether it'd be a week, month or a year, the results will show. If you ask any member what it takes to be successful within the business, they will revolve around persistence, tenacity and consistency. More importantly, I learned that you are responsible for your own actions and that your success should not be dependent on your friends and family around you.

Super Saturday was filled with countless opportunities and events. With the business presentation for guests in the morning, to the training course throughout the day and finally, to the dinner parties held by distinguished members. The beauty of bonding among distributors and leaders continued to inspire and influence each individual to truly trust what 'Prosperity Of Life' has to offer.

But that wasn't it. Super Sunday continued to show the strength of the interpersonal relationships between distributors and leaders starting off with a M8 breakfast hosted at the Berth Restaurant. I met distributors who have been with the business for both a long time and those who are only relatively new. However despite how long each distributor has been with 'Prosperity of Life' for, each and every individual had the motivation and determination to achieve greater things.

Being part of the experience itself for the first time has made me realize an important asset these distributors have; that despite the background, story and cause behind any individual, it’s the mindset development that enables you to prosper into the future. Anyone can do it. The question that remains is whether YOU are ready to take the action yourself?


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