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Misplacing Your Values

If you were to picture the word, “selfish”, the majority would perceive this as a negative term. To put other people’s values, beliefs and concerns over your own, you begin to lose your own sense of identity of what really makes It’s a common misconception making decisions to satisfy those around you as an act of kindness, but ultimately, you lose a sense of clarity and suffer too. Here we have, Diana Cupples, who explains her journey before getting started with Prosperity Of Life.

When I sat down with Diana, she went on about her lucrative career as a long haul flight attendant. She was able to spoil her children and the rest of her family, but never really made the 'fortune' she wanted. Her motive of getting started with Prosperity Of Life was the autonomy offered as an entrepreneur, that she had experienced in her previous small business. However, it wasn't until the act of putting other individuals beliefs and values before her own that pushed her off track.

For many years, she was pressured into getting started with a family business. As a result, she had a huge financial loss and a fallout with her family. Ultimately, she had lost her own sense of identity, where not only she suffered but those around her did too. She had restarted all from scratch...

Ever since joining Prosperity Of Life, Shane Krider & Rachel Krider, have guided her to realign her mental model where now, she has clarity on what goal she wants to achieve, not the journey it takes. Remember, her very own goal before Prosperity Of Life, was to start her own business be an entrepreneur.

In fact, she opened up about being offered a job as an airline manager only just recently. She had the opportunity to be paid double her current salary with ease. But she turned it down. She chose to stick with her own goal. That's what makes the difference in achieving success.


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