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Intentional Gratitude

Everyone experiences opportunities and setbacks in their lives. The way we react to these external stimuli, paints our life story and molds who we are an individual. In certain phases in our lifetime, the setbacks begin to outweigh the opportunities. However, it is up to the individual to react to that outcome and that’s where we meet Paula Hope.

Having an entrepreneurial drive since a young age, Paula talks about her life journey and how it has shaped her into the person she is now. When I first met Paula on the day of her interviews, her presence gave off a very open hearted and genuinely happy aura. There was no negative energy from any negative experience.

That’s where you’re wrong.

Having sat down with Paula, she opened up about how she is the happy person that she is today. She explained her journey through depression as a result of traumatic losses. As I sat and listened to her explain her journey, I was surprised to hear the way she spoke about it. "I'm really blessed to have come across the tools through Personal Development, to really understand the mind and how it works." She stressed the importance that there is always a grieving process, but it's choosing to stay behind in grief or to move ahead with gratitude.

So despite all the setbacks she had experienced in her life, she mentioned one important concept that Prosperity Of Life had shone a light on. ‘Intentional Gratitude.’ She learned to turn September into a “month of celebration.” From a series of losses in her personal life, she expresses her gratitude deeply. "I have a granddaughter born in September! I got a promotion in September! I mean there's so many good things."

Ultimately, the value of recognizing how each and every experience you encounter, both good and bad, will shape you as the individual you are today. However, It's being intentionally gratifying that brings you closer to prospering in any aspect in life.


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