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Taking On Technology.

We can all agree that technology can be quite intimidating. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s sending an email, uploading a selfie, or even starting an online business. What happens if I put myself out there?

Though issues like these can be confronting, getting ahead of technology in the world of online business can shift your reality entirely. Having never put herself out there online, a Prosperity Of Life Director, Mary Scott, shares her own journey of becoming the marketing expert she is today.

Originally from New Zealand, Mary ran a private practice counselling women & offering personal development courses in between Australia & New Zealand for 16 years. Prior to getting started with Prosperity Of Life, she had been in a FIFO job. As we sat down to interview her, she shared her reason for joining Prosperity Of Life:

“I didn’t have a life back then. I lived five minutes away from the beach but never had the time to sit back and really explore anywhere. I was always called back to work.”

Like many of us, we hit a turning point of wanting to make a change in our lives. But with change comes challenges. And when it comes to setting up an online business changes and challenges are inevitable. Having never used Facebook before, Mary shares her experience of confronting her fears of technology:

“It would take me hours to go through the training, I’d have to go back and forth to build myself and my business. There were a few tears in my first few months with the online marketing and technological side of things.”

In the 40 years that she has invested into the industry, Mary discussed her liking of the way the Personal Development content was delivered here. From the live events, business model, training, and the community, Mary propelled within the Prosperity Of Life Network earning a total of over 400,000 USD last year and just recently making 61,000 USD in a single month as of March 2019.

From her well paid FIFO job, Mary quadrupled her annual income since partnering with Prosperity Of Life. Although she expressed her gratitude for the financial wins in her business, she couldn’t express how grateful she was for her own personal growth.

“As someone who was managing over 75 staff under stressful conditions, the one thing I wanted to do is to be honest and true to myself. And now thinking about the business and the notion of how I live my life, I believe I am true to myself now.”

Being with Prosperity Of Life for almost 3 years, Mary has progressed immensely from someone terrified of technology to creating success as an online business woman. As a Global Leadership Council Member, Mary hopes to share what Shane and Rachel Krider have provided to business associates of Prosperity Of Life.

“At this point in my life, I feel like I’m going to the beat of my own drums. Now, I hope to guide those in my team to go to the beat of theirs - and this business allows us all to do that.”

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