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Firsts are great because they are Beginnings...

Today is "Back to School" Day in my house & for so many others in my social circle. On this side of the world (Australia), we start the new school year typically at the end of January so my Facebook feed is full of "First Day at new school...", "First Day of High School / new Grade...". "First Day wearing glasses, packing her own lunch, wearing his formal uniform, first day back to work for Mum / Dad..." and so much more.

Lise Reitsma from Canada Celebrates so many "firsts" with her young family - first time for their youngest in St Maarten!

It got me thinking about how we celebrate so many "firsts" in life - more so when we were little or while our kids are little, but not so much as an adult, right? First day in a new job, first day back at study, first day as a solo parent, starting a business, playing a new sport, new relationship, learning something we've never done before... Don't get me wrong, I still do see some of that - but nowhere near as much as the fanfare we give our kids (or nephews, nieces, grandchildren) etc when they reach a milestone or start a new venture.

Why is this? Is it that we're afraid that if we "put it out there" & it doesn't work out, we'll look foolish? Is it that we feel we should already know everything / be good at everything, we shouldn't have firsts at "our age"? This is so worth working on because no matter what age we're at, there are so many new things & firsts to experience & celebrate, it means that we're still growing & enjoying life.

So, in chatting with some of our Leadership Team today, I've asked about what their firsts have been in going into business here at Prosperity Of Life and it's no surprise - everyone has had to overcome a first and there's some pretty epic firsts that have been achieved too...

Chrissy & Col from Tamworth - probably not the first time Chrissy has said something that shocked Col on stage!

Chrissy from Tamworth had never sent more than an email on her computer, so she had a LOT of technical firsts to get through! Bruce, who floats between Australia & New Zealand said "The first thing I had to learn was to unlearn who I had become and learn that there was a much stronger, better, more in tune version of myself being born".

In my experience, when you combine a powerful Personal Development course with an equally as powerful Business Model, we learn a LOT about ourselves - what we can learn for the first time and what we need to unlearn as well.

Arni & Michael Berry from Texas learning, and now teaching, the art of "not selling"...

Arni Berry over in Texas, USA, didn't know how to turn on her laptop so that was a first! Her husband Michael, who was previously a Corporate CEO, found this business & they have both learned so much along the way. Coming from a high pressure career background, they had to learn NOT to "sell it", to be attached to the Goal but not the person. For a long time, they have been incredible mentors to our wider community. A first milestone for them was earning over $50kUSD profit in a single month (which they've done on many occasions) but they do feel their greatest achievement is watching their team learn & grow & overcome their own firsts.

Another 50k Club Member Lise Reitsma from BC Canada, says her first was learning that Failing precedes Success. (Ouch). "There is no straight line to goals worth achieving". I add in the "Ouch" because realising that you'll possibly "fail" many times before hitting the goal / getting it right, sounds painful doesn't it? We've all been through something that has hurt us - financially, personally, and it's scary to go again. Unless you have the right strategies around you to guide you through it.

I recently read an article that stated that the average American spends six months of his or her life waiting for red lights to turn green. Six months wasted, waiting for permission to move on, to succeed. That's the statistic that we should be afraid of.

Julie in Brisbane who is our newest 100k Club Member says that it was a real first for her, learning how powerful visualisation is. How to quieten the monkey chatter & get her anxiety under control and that she's OK just as she is - "warts & all". This has opened Julie up to the possibilities in life - and she's stopped collapsing the field on potential outcomes. Clearly this strategy is a successful one for Julie given that earning 100kUSD profit in a month is a first for her too!

Cath Dalgleish & Bex Kirner, two amazing Distributors providing Training to our Online Business Community

Cath in Queensland shared with me that she had to learn some of the "basics" - using a CRM / Lead Management system & placing ads but most importantly she has learned how to be a leader in her own life so that she can assist others. Lee Anne, also in Queensland - despite previously being a website developer, had to learn how to do things "our way" and has since learned how to turn her yearly income into her monthly income (and some...)!

So you can see that everyone goes through those "firsts" but the massive bonus is that there's some incredible first achievements to be enjoyed as well. Pushing through that fear barrier, that "I don't know how to do this" phase, and getting on the other side of all of these firsts is so very worth it - you deserve to experience it & enjoy the success from it - every single "first time".

What's been your "first" in your Prosperity Of Life business?

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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