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How to Create Success... on Repeat!

When you decide to create Success & you get clear on the formula of "how to", there's nothing that can get in your way. Well, there's nothing that gets in the way of one of our most favourite "pocket rockets" in our Online Business community - Julie Spring, from Brisbane Australia. Julie is originally from the UK & has been living in Australia for 8 years & her love of travel was one of the many factors to consider when she started looking for a new career solution.

As a HR Director of a large organisation she knew she loved working with people in Leadership & Mentoring roles but needed more flexibility, a better work life balance & to not have that continual issue of "reinventing herself" every time her location changed. She says "I don't like to say it but I had to face it, that your age becomes a "thing" in the corporate world". Until you never have to worry about being hired again of course...

Julie & her husband David enjoying the sunset on their travels in Cape Town

Julie came across a little ad online that let her to discovering Prosperity Of Life & while she admits that she didn't "know it was for her" initially, her gut was telling her that she could learn something here & that Rachel & Shane Krider were really "normal & down to earth" people. She was impressed with the simplicity of setting up the business, with all of the framework & instructions provided, along with the daily training and support she said it was a vastly different experience to previously setting up a business in the UAE where you're literally driving all over the place to submit forms, to then be told you need that form stamped by someone else who's 3 hours away. Can you imagine?!

Fast forward a little while, Julie knocked out her first award winning month here with Prosperity Of Life, achieving an income of over $100kUSD profit in a month - which means she also knocked out the award winning level of $50kUSD in a single month as well. Julie is a member of our highly acclaimed 50k & 100k Clubs and just this past month has repeated that incredible income of over $50kUSD profit in a month once again. Congrats Julie!

Julie says the biggest shock for her when getting started here was the people she got to surround herself with in business. "It's the people that get to your heart & it's your team, it's just the best place to be".

Julie with some of our Leadership Team members at our Sovereignty Live Event in South Africa

"We talk about the money, but this business is a lot more than the money. It's the growth, the fact that I'm a completely different person, it's what you can DO with the money, that's the magic I think".

Julie at a recent Super Saturday training event, always turning up as the student

When Rachel Krider asked Julie what keeps her here with Prosperity Of Life she said it is the people, the generosity of the company owners (Rachel, Shane & Greg) , her team, the products and she adds "I get to live my dream life because of this business!" Julie also made mention of the training we have here & how important it is to always be attending events & turning up on the training calls to continually build & grow your business & your team.

Julie has a very specific strategy with building her business around a busy lifestyle - it's about staying consistent, doing the important things that need to be done and just being prepared to stick at it - to not give up on things too easily. She's taken responsibility when she's not got the results too - Julie knows it all comes down to her - either something she's not doing or something she needs to figure out. And when Julie hits those rough patches she says she looks at her team, the people around her & what this business provides for her. "This business has changed my life, I've met some of the most amazing people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet, I'm constantly growing & look what the money has allowed me to do". Julie has been on a non-stop travel itinerary for the last 6 months which included flying her parents out from the UK to Australia and to South Africa & she's hit her goal of sponsoring 20 Australian children through school. What. A. Beautiful. Mission. "I get to do all this and all I have to do is get on the phone, place an ad, interview some people and answer a few questions. What's not to like?!"

What's not to LOVE about you Julie! We absolutely love working alongside you Julie, you're leading an outstanding team of Online Business Owners & you're a heck of a lot of fun to be around. We're grateful for everything that you bring & contribute to our community.

So, who else can see a winning formula in there for repeat Success? I certainly do...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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