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The Four Main Reasons for Starting an Online Business

Entrepreneurs are the very few individuals who have strived and continued to seek new business opportunities.

And with the growth of social media, there has never been a better time to start your own online business than there is today. No matter the geography or income status, social media platforms have given us the ability to share skills while connecting with people worldwide at no cost.

There are many reasons for starting an online business, but to keep things simple I have sat down and interviewed Prosperity Of Life Directors, Jo & Ant Flintham, who highlight four of the many perks that come with an online business and how it relates to their Prosperity Of Life Business.

1. Products

“The Personal Development products have allowed us to grow exponentially, as individuals and as a couple. We were tired, burnt out, miserable couple of people. The products have allowed us to understand ourselves more and that’s made us better versions of ourselves.”

- Jo Flintham

2. Flexibility

“Before you could be up at 3, on a flight by 6, somewhere in Australia in a boardroom at 8, be there all day, back at the airport by 4, on a flight to some other city in Australia, stay overnight at the hotel then up again at 6 in the morning.”

- Anthony Flintham

“After starting here with Prosperity Of Life we now have so much flexibility - all of a sudden we could make the decision to head down the beach for a few hours, then we do - and we bring our business with us. We’ve got that freedom and flexibility to do what and when we want and we still work our business effectively around that.” - Jo Flintham

3. Reward For Effort

"So in my previous career an average week was about 70 to 80 hours. For myself, I’d make probably low six figures. But then there’s the other business costs that had then come out of that and that’s a huge amount of hours and travel. Never home, no family life.” - Anthony Flintham

“I’d have to do massive hours, a lot of after hours that I wasn’t getting paid for. Now I do about 4 hours of productive work a day and the financial results allow us to do that. To be able to put what we need to into that and travel every 3 months as well.” - Jo Flintham

4. Growth

“I think I can sum it up in one word. Growth. Where I was 12 or more months ago emotionally was not a nice place. Everytime I faced a challenge, I’d just lose it. Whereas now I take it as a stride and like nothing’s a big deal.” - Anthony Flintham

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