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Business vs Hobby - The Mindset Game

We've just bounced out of our Super Saturday Training Event which was held in an empty auditorium on the Gold Coast & Live Streamed to our Distributors all over the world. Empty auditorium? Yep, that's right... like many Businesses around the World we've had to "pivot" in recent times - turning some of our Live Events into Virtual Events so that we can do what we need to do & reach who we need to reach. The good news is that the feedback is telling us it was the best Super Saturday yet!

We kicked off the day with "Mindset" being our first topic - hosted by the amazing & knowledgeable Mary Scott from Noosa, Australia. Mary comes with 20+ years in Nursing, a Diploma of Gestalt Therapy, 16 years in Private Practice & she's trained as a Psychotherapist & Social Worker. So to say she knows a little bit about how the mind works is an understatement...

A question that Mary asked our participants is "Are you in Business or do you have a Hobby?"

Mary guided us through the "figuring out" of what it takes from a Mindset perspective to really & truly be in business. Sometimes we can fall in love with the idea of something - a business, a relationship, a goal, but are we really willing to do what it takes to create the result?

There are some important self-check questions you can ask yourself...

Firstly, are you taking yourself & your Goal seriously? If you're not taking yourself seriously, no one else will & if that's in Business, how can you expect Success to follow?

What's your Purpose?

How committed are you?

What's your Business Mindset like?

(Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10)!

Sometimes you might look at others who have been in Business longer or working towards a similar Goal as yours for longer & you might think they've got it all figured out. No one starts with it "all figured out". It all starts with Mastering Your Business Mindset. Be prepared to take charge of your own Mindset - take Responsibility for your Thoughts & Actions, Be Prepared to have a Growth Mindset, Be Coachable & Trainable (no one starts with knowing everything no matter what our past experience is!), and Be Prepared to Monitor Your Progress.

One of Mary's biggest tips is to get clear on your Goals & what you're willing to do to achieve them - and then do it.

Having a positive Mindset is Magic but you have to work on it, on a daily basis. You deserve to Laugh at your Learnings and move on, to Celebrate your Wins, have Gratitude for the little things & of course to Visualise yourself Succeeding. See yourself where you want to be... "Visualise everyday & get some Happiness in your Life"!

What a great Mindset Self Check we were taken through in this segment, Mary we are so grateful to have you in our Community!

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications


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