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Prosperity Of Life Flourishes in Australia

How did Prosperity Of Life Australia take off?


The beauty of running a global business is that any market is poised to take off at any given time. It ultimately takes the vision of one key leader within the company in order for a market to grow. 

Michael Berry, a long time Prosperity Of Life associate based in Texas had the idea to start marketing in Australia as he had plans to visit the land down under for an event the company was hosting. 

"I first started to build the Australian market 15 years ago and I wasn't really across technology and things like Skype back then. So when I first had the thought to expand my Prosperity Of Life business in Australia I had to figure out how to make phone calls and effectively market in the regoion from the States. It's been an incredibly profitable idea to start marketing abroad and Australia quickly became my strongest line of business", shared Michael. 



LeeAnne and Simon Haggard Smash The Top Earners Award

Lee Anne and Simon Haggard are distributors for Prosperity Of Life in Australia and right in the heart of the pandemic they smashed a new company income record achieving $257,000 USD in a single month of business activity. 

This power couple met after getting started with Prosperity Of Life Australia independently of each other. Together they have successfully built a global business that spans to more than twenty countries. 

Lee Anne and Simon are dedicated to strengthening the incredible foundation of Prosperity Of Life Australia and also play an instrumental role in the growth and development of world wide markets. 

They have a combined  30 years of industry experience both in the online business and personal development space. 

They bring a playful yet professional approach to the building of their Prosperity Of Life Australia business and are hugely respected within the company and the industry as a whole. 


Karen Murphy hits the 50k Club from her home base in Australia. 

This powerhouse Irish business woman, Karen Murphy, is building her Prosperity Of Life Australia enterprise from her home just outside of Sydney.  

Karen specialises in connecting with Irish expats who are looking for an additional income stream. She is a wonderful demonstration of what can happen when you devote yourself to personal growth and utilising the Prosperity Of Life products. 

Karen is Prosperity Of Life Australia newest 50k club member (meaning she earned in excess of $50,000 USD profit in a single month of business activity.) 

Karen works her business very part time, just a few hours of dedicated activity in the morning and she's wrapped by 10am and sets about to enjoy the rest of the day. A true demonstration of working your Prosperity Of Life Australia business "smarter, not harder". 

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