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Prosperity Of Life NZ is on the map!

Rebecca Kirner, a leader within Prosperity Of Life NZ, has been working her business for the past six years. "Bex" as she's affectionately known within the company is no stranger to the work from anywhere sector.

Before partnering with Prosperity Of Life NZ, Bex spent 20 years building a more traditional network marketing company. 

She didn't experience the financial rewards with the first business she partnered with. The time to money ratio just didn't make it worth while to continue.


Everything changed for Bex when she was introduced to Prosperity Of Life NZ (and the life coaching courses NZ) that the company has to offer.  (lear

"I've enjoyed many $50,000 USD profit months building my business here with Prosperity Of Life NZ. It's far more profitable than my previous business. I wouldn't be anywhere else. I've grown so much from using our products and I'm enjoying the person I'm becoming through all the growth that's been possible", Rebecca shared. 

The Prosperity Of Life NZ growth can be attributed to the fighting spirit of New Zealanders. 



Why search for a life coach NZ when you can be your own coach! 

In some instances engaging the services of a Life Coach NZ can be the very best path to take for someone who is serious about achieving their life goals. 

All day long I'd rather have the assistance of Life Coach NZ to guide me and support me than attempting to figure it all out on my own. 

When Colleen Morton decided that her life needed a reboot she committed to the Prosperity Of Life NZ award winning Personal Development programs to keep her on track.

"The products have been outstanding in assisting me to better health and fitness (I lost 20kg's), we relocated and built our new home, purchased the boat we'd been procrastinating over for years, and generally propelled ourselves into a work-life balance of health and happiness", shared Colleen. 

Colleen started her journey of growth and discovery with our 17 day personal prosperity system and has since progressed to becoming a student of our award winning Beyond Freedom Evolution program where she gained control over her six higher faculties of mind. 

To learn about the six higher faculties of mind is a game changer in understanding how to create the life that you really want and typically one would have to seek the guidance of an experienced (and costly) Life Coach NZ to give themselves this edge. 

"A short cut to ones growth is to simply get going with the 17 Day program and to employ yourself as the Life Coach. You'll growth and develop much faster  and with greater competency with this approach."


Bruce Partridge enjoys building his Prosperity Of Life NZ business in just a few hours a day. 

For all of Bruce's professional life he's had a love of personal development and has come across many life coaching courses NZ over the years.

Born and bred in New Zealand, Bruce now calls Australia (Gold Coast) home, but he's able to travel back and forth freely between the two countries thanks to his decision to walk away from the more traditional brick and mortar business and partner up with Prosperity Of Life. 

Bruce became a real student of our programs (similar to that of life coaching courses NZ) but more self directed. In essence you have the ability to be your own coach with the Prosperity Of Life NZ programs.

Bruce certainly coached his way to success reaching the status of the companies 50k Club (earning in excess of $50,000 USD in a single 30 day period). An epic achievement and one that is highly respected within the company. 

Bruce plays an active role within the Prosperity Of Life NZ and world wide community, inspiring fellow distributors to follow in his footsteps to achieve a life and lifestyle that's in alignment with who they are and the contribution they want to make to their family and community. 

The 50k club is the first significant milestone for a Prosperity Of Life NZ distributor to reach and Bruce smashed this goal working on a part time basis. Congratulations on your success and we thank you for your continued contribution to our community! 

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