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Lead Personal Development Coach

As the host of Born To Prosper and the Mind Power Podcast, Shane Krider is a highly successful entrepreneur and personal development coach who has continually been immersed in the field of leadership & personal development for the past twenty years.


As a self made millionaire, his desire to increase business results among himself and others propelled him into the world of self growth & improvement. 

Now, he continues to expand on his successes, using his passion for personal development combined with his public speaking, to guide others to prosper and grow. 

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Lead Business Building Coach

As a devoted personal development student, public speaker, success coach and mom, Rachel Krider is a true role model for undergoing miraculous transformations from the rags to riches.


Given her financial difficulties as a high school drop out, Rachel Krider would spend many of her afternoons dreaming of a future, where financial stress would be completely eradicated in her life.  A lifestyle both Shane & Rachel encourage here at Prosperity Of Life. 

She invested energy in herself - realigning, refocusing and redefining her mindset for self-growth and improvement.  As a result of her entrepreneurial nature, determined drive and expertise in sales & marketing, Rachel Krider became a self-made millionaire at the age of 34.

Now, Rachel Krider continues to inspire others to undergo successful transformations like herself. She is constantly proactive to technological advancements and ensures those here at Prosperity Of Life excel in marketing & sales. 


Lead Media & Content Producer

As a media producer, author & TV director, Greg Strom has produced and directed over a 1000 television commercials, music videos and feature films for the past 30 years. 

As a content producer, Greg's commercials have been featured on broadcast media platforms worldwide. He has filmed in dozens of countries, working with celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Martin Sheen, Dan Aykroyd, Larry Hagman, Joan Rivers, Burt Lancaster, Jane Seymour among many others. 

Now, Greg Strom is responsible for producing the Prosperity Of Life educational media products, specializing in customizing products that enhance the value, communication and understanding of Prosperity Of Life's purpose, goal and mission statement. 

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