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How a "Business in a Box" fits into your Life...

I had the pleasure of connecting with 100k Club Member Julie Spring last week on an internal training Live Stream as we talked through the topic of our Online Business being a "Business in a Box that fits in with YOUR Life" - (not the other way around)!

It's evident that most people that get started with us here at Prosperity Of Life, also have something else "on the go". They're already working full time or part time, they have children at home, they're caring for elderly parents, they're travelers, they're a professional athlete, they have another business... not many people start being able to commit their full attention to this business. If they do, we recommend they find themselves a "Healthy Distraction"! This business was designed to fit into the nooks & crannies of the day - not to be chained at your desk for extended hours "grinding it out". So whilst we love creating a high level result & a more than full time style income, it's not meant to take up all of our time and attention. This can take a little bit of mindset work to get used to being OK with though...

Prosperity Of Life 100k Club Member, Julie Spring
Prosperity Of Life 100k Club Member, Julie Spring

The dilemma can be getting stuck in the self talk of - "Oh I can't put enough hours in, I won't be successful", or "I'll be really successful here when I don't have / do / move on from..." (an existing business, when the kids are older blah blah blah)... I know this for sure - I was one that told myself those stories - that I would be super successful here when I didn't have my franchise anymore... well, what a powerful manifestor I am, that's a story for another day.

Julie shared with us that when she got started, she fell into the trap of not being OK with juggling this business with her Corporate Consulting Career (which she now does part time because she absolutely loves it) & she had to pull herself into line with a reminder of why she chose this business, but also the expectation of HOW she runs her business.

"I was thinking it's work - I have to be sitting at my desk, I have to do this, I have to do that - a certain way".

"The monkey chatter went on for quite a long time & I then asked myself - Why did I join this business? I love to travel, it's my biggest joy in life, I love my family & friends - they're my highest priority, that's why I joined - I wanted the flexibility".

Once she got really OK with working both in her Prosperity Of Life Business as well as her other commitments - strategically - that's when the success followed. In fact, Julie has generated over $100kUSD profit in a single month in her business in this past year! Clearly she's got a few things worked out!

We talked about how we can run this business around anything - Julie actually runs while listening to training Live Streams or doing her Personal Development to keep time efficient - "My exercise is too important" she says. We do get quite skilled at multitasking with what we can & we don't have to give up something that's really important to us.

Prosperity Of Life associate Julie Spring
Kirsty Goldsworthy

As an independent Mum of 2 young kids, I can certainly relate to that - calls are made in the school pick up line, training live streams are played on speaker while I'm packing lunch boxes & the kids could just about recite my "talk tracks" they've heard me use while interviewing leads. Their favourite bit of course, is calculating profits on sales...

We received a lot of beautiful feedback from our Online Business Community members, in particular those who feel they're "holding themselves back" because this is not yet the only thing that they do. We do say - "Part time hours, full time attitude" - this is what brings the results.

Thanks Julie for a really great Mastermind on our call... Here's to a great "side hustle" that can become your main thing - if you want it to. Here's to being the demonstration of building a successful Online Business to suit YOUR lifestyle...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications


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