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Prosperity Of Life offers Personal Development courses, seminars and online business opportunities to individuals that aspire to undergo phenomenal transformations in their lives. We want to guide individuals to achieve success and financial independence through effective self-educational products and events that develop confidence and self reliance. Here, you will see the work that goes on behind the cameras and connect with our cast and crew as they share their stories and insights captured in our blogs, photos & "Behind The Scenes Episodes".


Shane Krider is the host of Born To Prosper and the Mind Power Podcast. He is a leader in personal development and leadership. He believes that, despite adversity, everyone has what it takes to live a life of prosperity. Rachel Krider is an ardent personal development student. Her steadfast personality makes her an admirable mentor, notably in marketing and sales. Shane and Rachel are pragmatic thinkers, a quality that has contributed greatly to their success. Their passion to help others is illuminated by the hard-work and dedication that is committed to each and every client.



The 'Behind The Scenes' takes on a new perspective on what business associates of Prosperity Of Life experience, in the homes of the company founders, Shane & Rachel Krider. ​


Marketing Training

with Rachel Krider

Included in the "Six Pack", distributors receive an exclusive marketing session with marketing extraordinaire, Rachel Krider. Given the technological advancements today, Rachel provides detailed tips to successfully build and promote their online business on digital platforms.



with Hired Professionals

Upon purchasing the "Six Pack", business owners receive three personalized videos to take their business to the next level. During the filming process, business owners participate in a variety of activities across Phuket to portray their lifestyle since operating an online business. 

Lifestyle & Business Photos

with Hired Professionals

With the professional headshots and lifestyle photos taken, business owners walk away with marketing material catered to their own lifestyle. By accurately portraying their lifestyle business owners are able to boost their credibility and establish a professional online presence.

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