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Are you passionate about Personal Growth and Personal Development? 

At Prosperity Of Life we create cutting edge personal development courses, seminars and events for individuals that aspire to undergo phenomenal transformation in their lives in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, the UK and also a presence in 100 plus countries around the globe. 


For those that choose to embark on a journey of growth and development with the Prosperity Of Life company it it promises to be a truly rewarding experience. 


The Prosperity Of Life company mission is to guide our clients to achieve success and financial independence through effective self-education and personal development principles that develop confidence, self-reliance and a high degree of competency.

To effectively distribute the Prosperity Of Life products our personal development and life achievement courses we have developed a distribution network of independent resellers in more than 150 countries around the world. The Prosperity Of Life resellers are passionate about assisting others to transform through personal growth and personal development principles. 


This site is dedicated to sharing the stories of Prosperity Of Life clients and resellers and to provide an insight of what goes on behind the scenes in the distribution of our life changing products. 

Prosperity Of Life Company History

Check out the Prosperity Of Life Company Annual Visionaries Call - Live Streamed directly on Facebook in June 2024 talking all things personal development.


This is a once a year get together with the Founders & Co-Owners of Prosperity Of Life - Rachel Krider, Shane Krider & Greg Strom, where we talk about what we've been up to in the personal development and online business space over the last couple of decades but more importantly, we share what's in store in the months & years ahead for those who already are, or are thinking about becoming a customer or a distributor, with our Personal Development Product Range & our Online Business Model. 


Get to know the Prosperity Of Life company a little bit better as we take you through our companies very own personal development journey and the Prosperity Of Life vision on this live stream... Enjoy!

Prosperity Of Life

The Prosperity Of Life products have won multiple industry awards and you can read some of the reviews here on Trust Pilot. 

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Prosperity Of Life company and product line in order to provide the best possible service to our clients and associates. 

Take the time to check out our blog section to stay up to date with the latest company updates and any changes and developments to the Prosperity Of Life products. 

If you are looking for a deep dive to learn more about the Prosperity Of Life products you can view these videos where Greg Strom and Shane Krider the creators of our flagship program offer up a complete rundown on the creation of the award winning program. Videos coming soon. 


Much time and effort went into the creation of Beyond Freedom Evolution, we even produced six documentary films to provide a backdrop to the program and to allow the outside world into the Prosperity Of Life products and curriculum. 

Our live events, Sovereignty Live and Influence Live are an extension of the online course curriculum and we are excited to be "back in the room" hosting Live Events on a Global Scale. 

We have recently hosted Sovereignty and Influence Events in Cape Town, South Africa & we're about to board an 8 Day Cruise, departing Venice, in August 2024 for another Sovereignty Live Event. 

Prosperity Of Life will continue to allow those with travel restrictions to tune into Virtual Events via Zoom, but we are so pleased to be reconnecting with many of our clients and distributors up close and personal throughout our Product Based Events as well as our localised Training Days - most recently held on the Gold Coast in Australia, February 2024. 

Check out this fabulous Prosperity Of Life product video for a Sovereignty Live event we did in Phuket, Thailand. 


Co-founders of The Prosperity Of Life Company

Rachel Krider is an ardent personal development student. Her steadfast personality makes her an admirable mentor, notably in marketing and sales.


Shane Krider is the host of Born To Prosper and the Mind Power Podcast. He is a leader in personal development and leadership. He believes that, despite adversity, everyone has what it takes to live a life of prosperity.



Behind The Scenes Episodes
Branding Videos

Video Production

with Hired Professionals

Upon purchasing the "Six Pack" marketing package offered by Prosperity Of Life, business owners receive three personalized videos to take their business to the next level. During the filming process, business owners participate in a variety of activities across Phuket to portray their lifestyle since operating an online business. 


Marketing Training

with Rachel Krider

Included in the "Six Pack", associates receive an exclusive marketing session with marketing extraordinaire, Rachel Krider. Given the technological advancements today, Rachel provides detailed tips to successfully build and promote their online business on digital platforms.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle & Business Photos

with Hired Professionals

With the professional headshots and lifestyle photos taken, business owners walk away with marketing material catered to their own lifestyle. By accurately portraying their lifestyle business owners are able to boost their credibility and establish a professional online presence.



Product Testimonials, Event Highlights and more!

Whether you’re interested in checking out customer reviews or wanting a glimpse into Prosperity Of Life's acclaimed personal development events, our Insider Videos showcases the in's and out's of the Prosperity Of Life Network and Community

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