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Daily Disciplines that create Decades of Results...

I've just had the pleasure of spending a long weekend with our Top Income Earners here at Prosperity Of Life - Simon Haggard & Lee Anne Haggard, who just over 12 months ago smashed out a Company Income Record of earning $257kUSD in a single month in their Online Business! Wowsers!

Simon Haggard & Lee Anne Haggard on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Simon & Lee Anne are not new to this business - between them they have 27 years of experience and you might be thinking "Oh is it going to take me years to get a result?" Well, no. Both of these guys were achieving 5 figure months by the end of their first 12 months (running their Online Businesses separately back then) & it's all because of a few simple things that Simon & Lee Anne just get right...

Daily Disciplines:

#1 Consistency - whatever Action you take, do it Consistently

#2 Stay Focused on your Goals - write them out, use affirmations, pin up your Goals around the house!

#3 Have FUN - these guys don't sit still for long, they're never falling short of their Platinum Frequent Flyer Status & you've only gotta check their social pages to see how much they love getting out & about...

#4 Support others to Achieve their Goals - they are amazing coaches to their team members all over the world & always the first to encourage a Celebration...

#5 - Daily Disciplines are DAILY, not just when you feel like it!

This is the point I really wanted to share the details on because once again, I've just watched them in action for the past few days & as we always say - Success leaves Clues!

Simon & Lee Anne Haggard - Creating Daily Disciplines for Decades of Success...

So, what Daily Disciplines did I observe?

Goal Setting - they literally write their Goals out every single day, often speaking out loud their affirmations as well.

Positive Mindset - neither of them lets the other one get away with speaking something into reality that isn't EXACTLY what they want.

Time Management - everything is done on time, EVERYTHING. This means that they get to create more time to do the things they want to do, because the things they HAVE to do are already done - in their allocated time slot.

Teamwork - they communicate with each other, and hold each other accountable. They both chip in with everything that is required to run a business, a blended family & a household. No job is too small, too messy or too hard for either of them - if it's got to be done, it gets done.

Support - they give each other the space to have their "moments" - but they pick each other up too. I hear constant reminders of how capable the other person is & how they believe in each other. OK sometimes that's just Lee's friendly reminder to Simon of something she's asked him to do, but let's focus on the positives here...

Enjoyment - every day includes something to enjoy, time for reflection & gratitude.

Lee Anne & Simon enjoying the beautiful Wine Regions in South Australia.

So, was it busy being with these guys for the 5 days? Heck, yes. Was it inspiring? Absolutely. Is it a pace of life that anyone can manage? For sure. Is it worth it? You know it is.

It's always inspiring to see Simon & Lee Anne in action & I'm excited to share a little bit of the "Behind the Scenes" tips with you all because when you've got the opportunity to hang around top performers throughout our community, there is so much to be learned. If you haven't seen it before, jump on over to our Facebook Page to watch Simon & Lee Anne's "Day in the Life of" video & of course share it on your Socials!

Take some tips from this list too & apply them to your Online Business today...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications #prosperityoflife #onlinebusiness #successtips #mindset #businesscoach

3 comentários

03 de ago. de 2022

Thanks for sharing your DMO, LeeAnn and Simon. Your results speak for themselves. What's possible?


Bex Kirner
Bex Kirner
03 de ago. de 2022

Great tips and yes, Success Leaves Clues and this is well demonstrated in their disciplined daily activity.


02 de ago. de 2022

fabulous post! I enjoyed this read. Congrats Lee and Simon

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