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Different Angle, Different Outcome...

“There’s Different ways of looking at Everything, that can give you Different Outcomes…”

I've been revisiting some Sovereignty Live 2021 content ahead of our next upcoming Virtual Event (starting September 8th!) & this jumped out at me right when I needed it!

Shane Krider shared these wise words in relation to how you look at adversity & it can be an absolute game changer. We can look for the win or we can let it beat us.

Sometimes we just need to shift our perspective or look at challenges as Opportunities - sounds cliched & simple BUT there is great power in getting better at this "life hack". It's a common topic that we know is covered in many Life Coaching Courses & Self Development Courses - because let's face it, most often people go seeking a Coach or Mentor when they're facing challenges in life.

Prosperity Of Life Company Owner - Shane Krider - speaking at a Sovereignty Live Event in Thailand

- When you're faced with Adversity, there's always a way you can find the Opportunity.

- When you find something Challenging to overcome, there are always new Skills to Learn, new options to become Aware of & more Knowledge to Gain.

- When you get Uncomfortable, there is always massive Personal Growth on the other side of it.

"Enjoy the Journey" they say - but if you're not keeping your mind open to the good side of every challenge, you miss out on the Opportunity to learn whatever it is that you need to in that moment, which is exactly what makes life so much easier when the next speed bump pops up.

Lean in to learning in the challenging moments because you are absolutely gaining your strength to set you up for long lasting Success. Like Jim Rohn says - "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better!" This IS how we get better at creating Success, it's the only way to “make it easier” as we strive to achieve new Goals.

I think we can all be guilty at times of looking at “those” other people - the ones who look like they’ve got it all together, that life is easy for them, that they just seem to succeed at everything they do. You know, everything they touch turns to gold… Well, when you get to know people “like that” (like Rachel & Shane Krider!) you have a massive realisation that they’ve only got to where they are & how they are, because of adversity they’ve been prepared overcome along the way. No wonder Shane has created so many Self Development Courses of his own.

I’ve had the privilege of spending a fair bit of time with both Rachel & Shane & I can tell you, I’ve seen them face some tricky moments (with grace) & I've learned that our adversity is directly related to the space we're playing in.

I know these aren't business related but we all love a story don't we... We’ve been in scenarios where a huge amount of AV equipment NEARLY didn’t fit in Shane's pick up truck OR in the Conference Room in Colorado, they've faced travel restrictions & border closures that have stopped them from attending Events they were meant to be hosting in Australia & a testing moment when we’d been out boating until dark & all of a sudden, the steering fails on Alchemy - Shane’s gorgeous yacht & we’re in the middle of unfamiliar waters, in Thailand, in a storm. Insert Grace & Leadership here.

Prosperity Of Life Distributor Chrissy Greig, Company Co-Owner Rachel Krider & myself (Kirsty) on "Alchemy" in Thailand, with no storm in sight! A much better day for boating...!

All of these scenarios would send someone into a spin & they’d feel like chaos is unfolding in their lives. Not Rach & Shane. Rachel Krider’s famous words: “Your biggest Asset is your Emotional state” are so true.

They handle these moments so well because they’ve trained themselves to. They are Leaders & they know that not only is there something to be learned in every situation, it makes you better to handle whatever pops up next. Because there will always be something - adversity doesn’t go away as you create more Success in life, you just get better at handling it.

Your adversity might look nothing like those scenarios, it might be in your Relationships, your Finances, your Business, your Health - but the same rules apply. Grab that piece of adversity & look for the lesson in it. Learn it, lean in to it & conquer it. You’ll level up every single time you do… and you'll be handling tricky situations with ease, poise & a side dose of Glamour.

Looking at a situation from a different Perspective almost always gives you a different outcome... take a moment to check it out from all angles!

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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