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This video series showcases the many Prosperity Of Life associates and customers from across the globe who came to visit co-founders Shane and Rachel Krider at their beach front villa in Phuket, Thailand. 

The pandemic put a stop to on site visits and the Kriders have since relocated to Portugal so we are grateful to have captured the experience in this series. 


It was a hub of activity at Shane and Rachel’s private beach front residence as 450 guests visited to embark on a four day marketing intensive. It’s an exclusive experience created by Prosperity Of Life with a view to assist each business owner by elevating their brand through the production of personalised videos and professional photos. 


Each business owner leaves with a customised package to use in their marketing efforts. They also engage in a group marketing session where they receive personalised advice from Rachel Krider, VP of Marketing for Prosperity Of Life. 


Below are the 'Behind The Scenes’ episodes that provide a different outlook on the four day marketing intensive, that the business associates engage in. 

When the global pandemic put a stop to people travelling Prosperity Of Life pivoted to provide these valuable marketing tools to distributors in their local environment. So we now utilise local videographers and taken to shoot pieces and the marketing training is now conducted on Zoom. 


Would you like to find out more about us? Feel free to contact us for some free info!

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