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Is Prosperity Of Life a Pyramid Scheme?

The question is Prosperity Of Life a Pyramid Scheme?

Rachel Krider here. I'm putting together this article to answer the question, is Prosperity Of Life a pyramid scheme?


It's a question we receive from time to time and I wanted you to have all the facts and the benefit of my perspective.

I remember asking similar questions when I was first introduced to the network marketing industry more than 20 years ago. 

Prosperity Of Life leadership enjoying some downtime. 

I understand that when looking at a business, it's common practise to do your due diligence. While doing your due diligence you may have come across other peoples opinions about our company, Prosperity Of Life, or about online business models in general.


After reading my article on is Prosperity Of Life a pyramid scheme, check out this article which lifts the lid on fake business review sites. It will serve as great education as you're looking into any online business system. 

The purpose of this article is to give you some clarity and perspective about non traditional business models, legalities and the opportunity to create a business income that is far beyond what a normal job or brick and mortar business has to offer.


I'm also here to It answer the question is Prosperity Of Life a pyramid system. 


The first thing I'd like to point out is that the Prosperity Of Life business system in non traditional. We have developed our business system for people who have realised.....just like I realised....that the traditional corporate, franchise and MLM business models are unlikely to bring about the financial freedom or the lifestyle that so many people feel they deserve.

So the fact that we're not a normal business structure is actually the point, as being non-traditional allows for non-traditional results.

Shane Krider is a respected industry veteran with more than 20 years experience in the industry.

To create a different outcome, such as time and financial freedom when it has not been attainable by following the traditional path, it requires one to open their mind to a superior approach. 

It can take a little bit to navigate and understand, particularly if this is your first introduction to this type of business system.


So let's get down to addressing the question of Prosperity Of Life and pyramid schemes. 


A pyramid scheme is the illegal practise of recruiting members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying legitimate investments or goods and services. 

So for example: a pyramid participant would approach 10 people, asking each to pay a joining fee (let’s say $500). 

Connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs at a Prosperity Of Life get-together. 

The joining fee would be paid to those above the participant. Then those 10 would bring in their 10 and the participant would be paid and on and on it goes.


There are no bone fide products or services offered, nor legitimate investments being sold. Therefore there is no value being exchanged for the money paid. In a pyramid, money is made solely from the enrolment of others.

Prosperity Of Life has developed a line of award winning products and it was my attraction to this very product line that caused me to want to partner with this business. 

But more on that in a minute. 😊

​In addition, no-one in Prosperity Of Life makes any money at all for simply recruiting people into the program. 100% of the money that's made, is made solely by the sale of products to the end user.

Prosperity Of Life employs a full time compliance department and specialised legal council in various jurisdictions in an effort to ensure that the company and all associates are acting in compliance with governing laws, including the anti-pyramid laws. 📃

At Prosperity Of Life, no money is made from simply enrolling others.  Money is only made from the profits from sales of actual products. All profits from sales are retained by the selling distributor ONLY. Prosperity Of Life does not require any product purchase to participate in the opportunity.

Distributors get together at a Prosperity Of Life networking party. 

We offer legitimate bone fide digital education courses and seminars.


Our flagship product was recognized by an accredited university in the United Kingdom and the learning contributed to one third of a masters degree in personal leadership development. The company and the courses have also won awards such as the elearning100 and others.

Only a court of law can determine whether a business is a pyramid or ponzi scheme.


Prosperity Of Life, nor any of it's affiliated companies, have been investigated as a pyramid/ponzi nor has it been determined to be a pyramid scheme in any court of law and that's with more than 20 years of business track record, operating globally in well over 100 countries.

It's important to note that a "pyramid like structure" is found in most large traditional businesses. Take Microsoft as an example. The sales reps, managers and all the way up the pyramid to the CEO would make a profit from the manufacturing and sale of goods and services.

The only difference between a Microsoft structure and the structure of Prosperity Of Life is that YOU have the ability to start at the very top and be the CEO of your own organisation. You don't have to worry about the manufacturing or development of products, the company take care of that for us. 😁

Your job as a Prosperity Of Life associate is to market the products (following our marketing system) and if you choose to build your own distribution network you can also create leverage in your business just like Microsoft or any big business does by recruiting reps to promote their products.

The show must go on! Prosperity Of Life successfully transition to virtual events with covid restrictions. 

The difference here is that you as the participant have the ability to directly benefit from the leverage and profits from the sale of products. As where in traditional business models only the CEO, founder or shareholders typically have that benefit. 

Check out this recently published article outlining the wage gap between the CEO and employees. It indicates that the wage gap between CEO's and US workers jumped 670-1 last year in 2021. Looking at 300 top US companies found CEO's making an average of $10.6 million, with the median worker getting $23,968.

The Prosperity Of Life business system allows you to tip the scales and be in greater control of your direct earning potential. 

As a final thought check out some verified reviews here.

Rachel Krider signing off 😁


If you have any questions please schedule a Q & A Call with a top leader. 

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