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Prosperity Of Life Real Review

Lifting the lid on fake business review sites. 

Rachel Krider here. I'm one of the co-founders of Prosperity Of Life. I originally got my start working with Prosperity Of Life as a distributor.  That was fifteen years ago now and much has changed since those early days.

I've seen people come and go. I've seen others continue on this journey with Prosperity Of Life for as long as I've been partnered with the company.

I've seen people make no money, I've seen others make as much as $250,000 USD in a single month. 

Rachel and Shane Krider of Prosperity Of LIFE.jpg
Shane & Rachel Krider Prosperity Of Life event Phuket, Thailand.

What's the difference maker? What success principles are at play to allow one person to get started with a company and go on to become a seven figure earner and enjoy a career that lasts decades as apposed to someone else hitting burn out after a couple of years, or worse yet, never getting off the ground in the first place? 

I started making $100,000 USD per month by my seventh month of working the Prosperity Of Life business system and have enjoyed an upward spiral of success ever since. Every day I'm excited to build my company. I still have the bright eyes of possibility & enthusiasm that I had in the very beginning. 


So the difference in someone making it long term or not is their philosophy and their overall approach to creating success in the online business space. 

“Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.” Jim Rohn

I'm writing this post to shine a light on a dark and ultimately unsuccessful approach that some marketers employ which ultimately leads to not only their own failure, but also has a negative ripple effect to those that come in their path.  Marketers who employ the method I'm outlining in this article are known as "catfish marketers" within the online business industry.

A catfish is someone who lures (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.


A catfish marketer is also someone who is operating under a fictional online persona. But not with a view to lure someone into a personal relationship. The catfish marketer is attempting to lure someone into a business relationship. The catfish marketer can appear under both a made up name and more often that not they operate under their real identity.


You might be wondering why they are known as catfish marketers even if they are operating under their own name.


It's because the catfish marketer is positioning themselves as something they're not. They position themselves as an industry expert. They position themselves as someone who has first hand knowledge on a multitude of online businesses. But when you dig a little deeper, these guys and girls don't have the knowledge or experience they claim to have.  


A catfish marketing approach is a trap that I’ve seen people fall into ever since I got started in the industry (more than twenty years ago) and it’s a trap that some were falling pray to even before my time. So this stuff isn't new, it's been around for almost as long as the internet has been with us. 


The good news is if you’re aware of this unsuccessful approach and you don’t employ it in the building of your own enterprise, you can set yourself up to enjoy a long and fruitful career. 


But follow the wrong advise from a catfish marketer and unfortunately long-term success will allude you. 

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Rachel & Shane hosting Prosperity Of Life Business Presentation

The trap that the catfish marketer falls into is the strategy of building their business from a foundation of putting out "fake business reviews”.  It’s an approach that an experienced marketing professional would never employ. But more on that in a minute. 


A question for you to ponder......  


Are all reviews created equal? 

Is it possible for someone to give an authentic review if they have never been actively involved as a distributor of a company or been a consumer of their products?  Particularly if the sole purpose of writing the review is to promote their own business or product line? 

Shane and Rachel krider.jpg

Now let me preface everything I'm about to share by saying that there are legitimate negative reviews on the internet. 

Naturally any company, Prosperity Of Life included, doesn't get it right 100% of the time. Sometimes a customer or associate can have a legitimately unsavoury experience and they write an accurate review of their experience.

Hosting an internal training call from our office in Sintra, Portugal. 

These honest, first-hand reviews I'm 100% in favour of. They keep companies in check and help them to improve the experiences for their clients and partners. 

But when it comes to home based business reviews, the vast majority of the reviews out there are not legit. 

And let me share with you why.

​The vast majority are written by catfish marketers who are riding on the coattails of another company's success. The strategy? To write a slamming review under the keyword of the company they are poaching leads from with a view of simply promoting their own opportunity on the back end of their negative review. 

Please allow me to put this into perspective. 

Imagine you get started as a distributor of a company and the way you're taught to market is to write a negative review on dozens of different opportunities that you are told have considerable internet traffic.  And your job is to attempt to pirate away some of the unsuspecting prospects who had originally inquired with one of these other companies.  

So you're writing fake reviews on companies that until five minutes ago you knew nothing about and your objective is to come across as a first hand expert so that your review seems legit. 

Is this a strategy that you would feel good about?

My personal opinion is that when a catfish marketer builds their business via the write up of fake negative reviews they have a very short-sighted approach to creating success.  Unfortunately they have learned a strategy and a business practice that will not lead them to long-term success.


I learned years ago through the teachings of Jim Rohn to leave something better than you found it. That would be a hotel room, or a vacation villa you might be renting or your own property. But learn to live your life by respecting the things and the people that you come into contact with and leave them better off for having interacted with you. 

This principle also applies to business and industry. Leave the industry better than you found it. 

So here's how a catfish marketer uses "business review sites" to promote their own opportunity.

First up they identify a business that gets a good amount of organic online traffic.


Let's use the example of the search term "Prosperity Of Life Review".  A quick google search under this term brings up twenty four such websites (and that's just on the front three pages of google 🙀) offering up a Prosperity Of Life review.

Interviewed by the Prosperity Of Life film crew.

Searching deep into the google pages and you'll find close to one hundred review sites on Prosperity Of Life.


I guess I should be flattered? All these catfish marketers showing an interest in me and my company and taking the time to write up reviews?  


It must take them hours. 

Why would the catfish marketer spend so much time writing up the review and go to the trouble of getting it ranked on Google?


Again, that would take considerable time. 

The answer of course is because they make money by steering people away from the business they initially inquired about an funneling them into their own opportunity.  At least that's the idea. 


On a positive note they wouldn't bother to write up a review on Prosperity Of Life if our company wasn't big enough and have enough organic traffic to make it worth their while. So for that I'm grateful.  Grateful for our success that these catfish marketers would show so much interest. 


But their approach is very short sighted and certainly not leaving the industry better than they found it.

I also believe that the catfish marketers are only harming themselves & also harming the less than savvy prospects that stumble across their negative marketing tactics.  There are no long term winners with this short-sighted approach. 


Consumers are becoming more savvy and understand that the review they are reading is biased and uninformed and not an honest review to genuinely serve the consumer, but more so only written with the view of simply lining the catfish marketer's pockets.  It doesn't pan out too well for the catfish marketer.  

In business, integrity is everything. If it's revealed that you are knowingly lying in your marketing approach just to attract clients, what impression does this leave as people discover your tactics? 

Enjoying a day out in the Algarve with distributors visiting from all over the globe.

Okay so these catfish marketers identify the business to go after, they then write up a "review" of such business with a view of ranking under the chosen search term on google, in this case "Prosperity Of Life".  


And they do this not to help the consumer with an honest review. They do this for the sole purpose of promoting their own opportunity. 

The problem is, they are always negative reviews they are writing. And when you put out negativity, what are you going to attract? Negativity.


These catfish marketers may see a little bit of success by writing up these negative reviews, but inevitably it leads to them having a short-term career at best. I've never seen this strategy lead to a long-term, respected career within the industry.  

POL Party June 20220046-min.jpg
A get together with business associates at our home in Boliqueime, Algarve.

The catfish marketers are left wondering why their people never stick with their opportunity for very long.


They wonder why they are attracting seemingly flakey people.  



But you see I don't believe that the people they are attracting are flakey.


I believe their people don't stick with them as they come to realise, whether consciously or unconsciously, that they don't agree with the tactics being employed to lure people away from another opportunity and into their own opportunity based on a fake review. 


I believe that most people operate at a high ethical standard and they simply don't feel good about bashing another company (particularly one that they don't have any first-hand knowledge of) for the sole purpose of making some money. 

So the good people quit. And the worst thing is they quit while believing that these questionable business practices and marketing methods are the industry standard. 

But it's not the industry standard.


Any legitimate company would not allow their distributors to market their business via negative review sites.  


Here at Prosperity Of Life it is non-compliant for our distributors to market their business by bashing another company. Unethical business practices such as this are simply not tolerated within Prosperity Of Life. 

We teach our associates how to market professionally in order to protect the industry as a whole.


The spin off from this is that we have associates stick with us for a very long time.

POL Party June 20220124-min.jpg

The couple that introduced me to this business, Michael & Arni Berry are still here with the company building their personal enterprise eighteen years later.  And this is just one example. The Prosperity Of Life leadership team is made up of associates who have been with the company for at least ten years. 

You might be wondering what we say to a prospect who stumbles across these fake business sites? We simply say look deeper.  Look deeper into the site and you will find that they typically have reviews on dozens of businesses & every single business that they review they will give it two or three stars at best. Then at the bottom of their review they will position their business as the very best and only legit solution out there. 

My advice as you are doing your due diligence on Prosperity Of Life, or any business opportunity, be sure to read between the lines. If at the end of the review you find them promoting another opportunity or product, I would take everything you've read with a grain of salt.  It's not an honest review when they have an ulterior motive. 

When I was making my decision to get started with Prosperity Of Life I wanted to hear of the experiences of those that were actually doing it. Who are the folks that applied themselves and got a result? What's been their experience? What did they do to create success? How long have they been with the company? 


I didn't want the opinion of someone who had just given it a go. I wasn't here to just give it a go. I was here to give it my all.  So let me connect with the folks that committed to get the job done. What insight can I learn from them? Can I do what they did? These were the sorts of questions I asked. 

I also looked for longevity. I figured if the distributors were sticking around for a long time then there must be some real value here. 

So check out some of the reviews here on trust pilot. These are verified real reviews from real Prosperity Of Life associates. 

And if you decide to enter the world of online business & build your personal enterprise be sure to follow the route that will lead you to long term success.  ​

Rachel and Shane Krider algarve.jpg
A special moment captured with my honey. 

There are a multitude of marketing strategies to employ that don't require you to put out any form of negativity. 

Build your business from a solid foundation and you can enjoy decades of success in a truly wonderful industry that has propelled many people to long term success. 


If you have any questions please schedule a call with a top leader from Prosperity Of Life. 


Rachel Krider

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