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Shane Krider Insider: 5 Major Prospecting Tips

Last week I got a crash course in prospecting. At dinner, Shane Krider broke down some important things to keep in mind when prospecting. Initially building your network can be a long, tedious and sometimes ineffectual. The following are Shane Krider's 5 top tips to make you the perfect prospector:

1. It's not your job to open their eyes. Shane repeatedly stressed the fact that prospecting has nothing to do with convincing people that this is what they should do. Your role is to guide them through the experience, not to persuade them to join your team. Before hearing this information, I thought that the process functioned contrarily. To me, it seemed like the best way to get signups would be to sell yourself in the most compelling way possible. In reality, a great prospector shares their story and by doing just that, attracts individuals that are seeking to build a similar life.

2. Don't solve their problems. Prospecting requires you to be stern, something that I would struggle with if I were in that position. To sign up with The Prosperity Of Life Network requires money, so naturally the top excuse of prospects is that they don't have enough of it. If they present you with a problem (i.e. lack of money/time), simply let them know that they can call you back when/if they are seriously ready to make a commitment. The key that I pulled from this point is: don't waste your time trying to convince them of anything, if it's meant to be then it will happen.

3. Don't be offensive or defensive. Personal development and life coaching aren't for everyone and it is important for you to accept that. You want them to willingly sign up without the assistance of external factors. If they disagree with you, collect your composure and respond placidly. This was a popular topic around the table because naturally, if someone contradicts you, your instinct is to defend yourself. However, getting worked up about their behavior will only set you back in the end.

4. Be yourself. If you authentically represent yourself then you will attract individuals that are similar to you. It takes a certain sense of tenacity to pursue personal growth and development - something you should keep in mind when seeking new recruits. I enjoy getting to meet distributors each week because with each guest that stays at the villa, there is a new story. The Prosperity Of Life Network has brought all of these individuals together for one reason, and that is because they share common beliefs and goals.

5. Always live the life you want to live. You've built a beautiful, self-sustaining life - don't let the hustle and bustle of owning your own business keep you from being happy. Leave time in your schedule for personal well-being. When Rachel Krider was first starting with The Prosperity Of Life Network she created a maintainable schedule for herself, which helped her balance her different aspects of her life. She worked diligently, but left time for herself and her personal life. If work is consuming your life and your ability to live happily then what is the point of being your own boss?

Most importantly, always keep a positive outlook when prospecting and remember that you are in control of your own destiny. You can choose to let your results impact you in a negative way or you can take note of what isn't working, get back out there, smile and keep trying.


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