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Conquering with Confidence

The story behind any individual may not be perceived initially. I realized that when I met Julie. Her charisma, confidence and courage shone through which immediately caught my attention. I thought to myself, what makes someone exude confidence? Were they born that way? Or were they nurtured that way? In her case, it was the latter. Despite the challenges she faced, she progressed through the ranks starting as a waitress in a chain restaurant to a HRM director through her tenacious nature.

She emphasized the importance of your mentality. That with the right mentality, you can conquer anything ahead of you. That is when Rachel Krider and Shane Krider come into play. She encouraged me to listen in on the calls and conversations between the distributors and mentors, advising me to develop a mentality that could withstand anyone and anything.

At 14, Julie started working as a waitress at a chain restaurant and through years of promotion and progression, she eventually became a HRM director. Like anyone, including myself, I was surprised that she had no qualifications and never finished her degree. Though as I listened to her story, I realized it wasn’t the qualifications that define what she was capable of doing in life, but her persistent nature to take every experience as a learning process.

She told me she had a very specific mindset. Playing to avoid losing. “I’m probably going to lose my job”, “I’m not qualified enough”, “They’ll soon realize that the promotion isn’t for me” were the doubts that refrained her from excelling. As she was focusing on what others thought of her, she was unable to focus on herself. It wasn’t until the Prosperity Of Life network which enabled her to become confident in herself. Where she would no longer need the approval of anyone including her previous partner.

She worked with a partner back in the U.K and immediately spoke about his audacious temper. In meetings, whenever she mentioned anything that her partner did not agree to, he’d either purposely type away or in some cases walk out the room. As a result, she’d stay in upset on a Friday night, questioning her capability. And as time went by, her self-esteem and confidence deteriorated. It was this man who anchored her down into the abyss. However, after personal development and growth, she is now more capable than anything and confident as I saw her on that very first day. Ultimately, you have to hit rock bottom if you want to restart, rebuild and revive your life.

After being part of the Prosperity Of Life network, she now lives the life she wants. To see her husband, to be confident and to have a positive mindset in life. I was captivated by our conversation and as a young lady, I realized a multitude of things; It’s not what you can do, but what you’re willing to do and it’s your mentality that limits you, not your qualifications.


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