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Out The Comfort Zone

I want you to imagine...imagine that you're stepping out of your comfort zone for the very first time. But instead, multiply that feeling extra further. Meet Tara & David Brister, your extraordinary country couple from Texas. So you may ask, 'why imagine that?'. That my audience, is because this was Tara's first time ever traveling beyond the states.

Reflecting back to the very first day we all met, I remember the first thing that caught my attention...


A pure southern Texan accent! That's something you don't hear very often everyday here at Prosperity Of Life. The two of them brought real energy to each and every day. That despite being the only couple from the U.S.A., as well as being the rookies of this weeks group of 3 months, they always had the enthusiasm to learn more. And I'm not going to lie...I have never seen the two of them not smiling at all.

Throw a curveball at them? Still smiling.

Falling off the kayak? Still smiling.

Then face planting right after the fall into the rocks? Still smiling.

This is what I feel is the mindset essential to thriving within this business. Where the guidance to that particular mindset development is offered by Rachel Krider & Shane Krider. I've learned that you can only grow if you're actively moving out of your comfort zone to adapt to new opportunities.

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