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Change Is A Chance For Growth

Change can be intimidating, and the urge is often to resist it. But those who take change as an opportunity for growth often thrive spiritually and financially. Thus this week, we meet Leo van den Bergy & Lani Howells here at the villa.

Though interestingly enough, like many people who will be coming to Thailand for the "6 Pack" promotion package, I met these two at the Super Saturday event recently. I remember having my first conversation with them, where we were both relatively new to the business. These guys brought in endless amounts of energy and uplifting spirits to the villa, whether they were dancing to "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees or if they were singing "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson during their portrait photoshoot.

Leo had spent many years running the family business from bakeries, a biscuit factory and a pastry manufacturing business, before selling it to a European corporation. Whereas Lani spent some years working at reception and admin, before running a massage studio herself.

Lani explained her many self-doubts and concerns about the business prior to coming here and being relatively new to the business. Her energy would rise on certain days, but then drop immensely on other days. She felt the lack of stability in her life. In addition, Leo had made a lot of bad investments after selling the family business which was highly profitable, forcing him back into business. So when they stumbled across Prosperity Of Life, they figured this was the way to go.

Now that they are here, Lani explained how this trip has been confirmed her intuition and erased her self-doubts. They explained how this trip has inspired them to continuously inject their mind and energy into their business to prosper and grow despite whether they were new to the business. Remember, change is a chance for growth.

Throughout the 4 days working with them, we'd make jokes every now and then and it made me realize what I love about it here. The people, the atmosphere, the community. A community where the people bring such positive energy leave the atmosphere free from all the negativity, as a place to grow and succeed.


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