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A Career Change with Prosperity Of Life

Can you make a valid career change with Prosperity Of Life?

Thinking of making a career change? With how the nature of work is changing, whether it’s new working ways, emerging market places - I mean, small firms can be global now - career changes have never been more available than before. According to the U.S. 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of jobs in an individual’s working lifetime is 12 before the age of 52.

And with the number of career choices increasing, which will continue to do so, there are plenty of factors to consider when changing careers or jobs. While working may have been viewed as a bit more than paying the bills, it’s become universally accepted to find a fulfilling career as a means to a more satisfying life.

One of Prosperity Of Life’s fundamental values has always been to strive towards educating individuals life-changing techniques towards an improved and prosperous future. As a blogger, I have interviewed many associates of Prosperity Of Life since they made that one career change...

Here is Lise Reitsma’s Story

“I was a middle and high school teacher prior to getting started here with Prosperity Of Life. I would spend my evenings and weekends grading papers and lesson planning. I knew in my short teaching career that it was not what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life...

I went into a tremendous amount of debt to fund my university degree. I also spent 6 years of my young adult life at university. While I do not regret going to university, I felt quite disillusioned going into the workforce with a promise of a great career and income. It just wasn't the case.

I knew that something had to change. The way I was going I was going to have to spend $0 for 12 months just to break even and pay off the debt I had accumulated in university.

I found this business only a year and a half into my teaching career. My husband, then partner, Jeremy sent me a website link one day. He knew I was struggling in my job and was lacking direction and passion in my career. The moment I landed on Kirsty's website I was hooked. I was so envious of her life. Her photos depicted lifestyle, fun, and freedom. I wanted it all!

When I first got started with Prosperity Of Life, I was terrified of calling my prospects! It literally took me hours to muster up the courage to call my first lead. My mentor, Kirsty, was instrumental in coaching me through this. I felt like I had finally found my tribe of people and an industry that just made sense to me.

I now get to travel when and where I want. In one year alone, my husband and I traveled to 12 countries. I have worked from sailboats in the Caribbean, tuk-tuks in Thailand, airport lounges in Europe, just to name a few! I am no longer tied to a location to earn my paycheque!

I have earned more in a month ($65,000 CAD) than I used to earn in an entire year as a teacher. I earned over 6 figures during my "mat leave" - the first 12 months after giving birth to my son. Amazing.

I believe the basic philosophy of Prosperity of Life is "to create an exceptional life experience on a level playing field." I believe that this means anyone can truly come here and create an entirely different life experience for them and their family.”

So, can you make a valid career change with Prosperity Of Life?

When considering a new career, the motivation behind any career change should always acknowledge your ambitions and your true priorities in your life. Whether it’s finding genuine purpose, better earnings, building meaningful relationships, you are only a few steps away from creating an extraordinary life experience with Prosperity Of Life.

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