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How to Take Advantage of Opportunities in Life

Are You Seizing Every “Real Opportunity” in Life?

Is there such a thing as a “Real” or “False” Opportunity? I don’t mean “false” in the literal sense but the type of opportunities that present themselves, most likely on a daily basis, of which we are unaware of.

How many times have you been presented the opportunity to learn more about yourself, experience more, or how about being offered a new job? Now out of those times, how many times have you said no?

Real opportunities can be quite fuzzy at first. When these opportunities appear, it’s most probably, the most inconvenient and definitely at a time you least expect it to appear. Given how distracted we can become in the midst of achieving our dreams and goals, we let these opportunities slip-by every day unaware of the signals that life throws at us.

So? We take some and we lose some. Some opportunities may even add to the problem. And who has the time to handle even more problems at the moment right?

BUT being able to take advantage of opportunities, especially in unexpected circumstances, is so important. Sometimes it takes just one opportunity to change a life from mediocre to exceptional.

While interviewing Prosperity Of Life’s associate, Alison Hillis, it appeared to me that this incredible individual had achieved a huge milestone among her career path prior to and upon finding Prosperity Of Life.

See What Alison Hillis has to say about her career path...

“My 25-year career in corporate started in the UK with a Business Development background and I then moved into a Leadership and Management role when I arrived here in Melbourne, Australia. As a mum of two, I juggled long hours in my job whilst adjusting to living in a new country, reinventing myself and ensuring that my two children settled as well.

A typical day would see me leaving the house a 6:30 am (leaving my dog on his own all day!) Often I worked through my lunch and would get home just too late to get to my yoga class at 7:00 pm. I felt like all I did during the week was work and then on a weekend, I did housework!

I missed out on being at home when my children came home from school even as they started school in a new country and were going through the process of making new friends. I constantly missed out on events a school and always seemed to be last to arrive at school parent-teacher interviews. I once turned up on completely the wrong evening!

When I had accepted the role I envisaged myself staying for 6 months and then moving to something with more flexibility - somehow I managed to stay for 8 years.

I had thought about starting my own business but did not have the confidence to do this and had not found the right vehicle, so when I came across an advert on Facebook I had no idea what it was about but was curious to learn more.

I had no background in personal development but was open to anything that could help get rid of my limiting beliefs and allow me of creating the lifestyle that I truly wanted for me and my family.

When I started the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System I was immediately able to see how I had been living my life through my past experiences rather than seeing opportunities and where I could make different choices to enable my life to take a different path. I believed in the system and saw other people getting great results and knew that if I did the work I would also achieve success.”

I actually met Alison earlier last year for her Six Pack Promotion Package at a time where she was relatively new and working her business part-time. After several months, I interviewed Alison on the progression of her business with Prosperity Of Life.

“Since working in my business full-time at the end of September 2019 I have achieved both financial and personal goals beyond what I thought possible before I joined Prosperity of Life.

My husband and I now speak regularly about what we want to achieve. We now have common goals and regularly check in with each other to make sure we are on the path the achieving them.

And even though he is not in the business with me, he listens to personal development podcasts, is familiar with our products and uses some of Shane's concepts in his own business.

I have also earned more in a single month than I would have earned in 6 months in my corporate role and have done this

working a flexible schedule from home. I have never worked anywhere where I was in control of creating the lifestyle I wanted but I know for sure that is what happens here - it's down to me. With my son studying in France we can now go for 6 weeks if we choose and my business goes with me. I would have struggled to get half that time off in my corporate role.

I never imagined that an opportunity such as this would be available to me. I know that this is my path and am truly grateful that I am part of this amazing community of likeminded individuals. I feel blessed to be here.”

Embracing Given Opportunities

When it comes to experiencing life’s journey, whether you choose to take advantage of the choices given or choose something else, you’re constantly in the course of writing your route based on the decisions you make. At the end of the day, no one actually knows whether they’ve made the right decisions at that exact moment. However, when you look back in your life, there will always be moments of relief and regret - moments that arise from whether or not you decided to take that once in a lifetime opportunity.

So what opportunity will you embrace today?

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