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Write Your Life Story: How Colleen Lost 20 Kilograms from the 17 Day Program

Born and raised on a sheep and beef farm in Southland, New Zealand, Colleen Morton is an avid online business owner within the personal development space. Her years of incorporating personal development concepts in her daily life have created incredible results - emotionally, mentally and physically. Here, she touches on one of Prosperity Of Life’s products “The 17 Day Personal Prosperity System”.

“I had a fabulous upbringing, leading a simple life of fun laughter and learning on the farm. School was socially awesome but bored me and I often caught myself passing time by using my very vivid imagination on far more interesting ideas and subjects which often included my future dreams.

I had engaged in personal development during my early years of hairdressing attending many seminars and training involving self confidence, communication and customer service. I had read books, listened to motivational professionals and always enjoyed human behaviour; not only my own but others too.

After years of long hours, minimal financial reward and allowing my body to absorb copious amounts of chemicals; I embarked on facilitating children and adults with learning difficulties. Helping others to set and accomplish their goals was incredibly rewarding and the most fulfilling but the long hours and small financial gains sent me in search of bigger and better things.

I always had the ability to recognise my strengths and weaknesses fairly, but I didn't have the tools and skills for change until I came across Prosperity Of Life.

My reasons behind getting started with Prosperity Of Life involve helping others. I am very determined and motivated to one day be able to contribute financially to a school that will surround learning for life. Pressures of exams and comparisons to others through judgement from teachers and reports would be a thing of the past for these students rather focusing on strengths and talents. Of course my own gains with limiting beliefs and confidence for success and our own freedom with time and money were a part of the initial intention but my big picture and ultimate goal is to allow choice for families in education that eluded us and our two adult children. The 17 day program has given me energy and vibes I never thought was possible at 50. I am up with the sun, exercising twice a day and have lost 20 KILOS! My mental and physical health is the best I have experienced in many years and I just love to give everyone a pass INCLUDING YOURSELF that this is powerful.

My time and day is so much slower and more productive, slowing time with calming the turbo brain has most certainly helped my physical well being, I was exhausted and on the verge of burnout.

One particular concept that affected me was “Intuition”. When I replied to Rebecca Kirner's ad I had the videos viewed and was back on that phone directly. Never a doubt, the personal development could not have come at a better time of our lives. Grief from death, family conflict which resulted in physical health deterioration. Intuition was a game changer and we would not be in such great shape if not for Shane, Rachel and Greg's product - so grateful!

I have been on every training call since my enrollment and wouldn't miss it as I am always challenged by technology; so just getting live on them, to begin with, was a challenge baaahhaaa! In the past I was controlling, so when I could finally recognise my thoughts and feelings to switch off from them "Don't make it a thing!"; No reaction leaves so much energy to get on with the productive activity. Sticking to goals and not collapsing the field.

The 17 day program is life changing - physically, mentally and emotionally. I had far too much sympathy and have mastered empathy for a story that is not mine. For anyone battling life events, emotion, grief, anxiety, motivation or purpose, this product is not to be overlooked. No amount of money spent on yourself is too much. Just do it!" - Colleen Morton

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