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Life as an Entrepreneur: Find your purpose, then build it.

When finding purpose in your life, be it work or business related, it’s important to understand that it’s not what the task you set out to do is but the reason behind it.

When you focus on what you’re doing rather than why you’re doing it, it can be difficult to be fully involved. Without understanding the meaning behind what you’re doing or how what you do is contributing to the bigger image, it doesn’t fulfill your purpose nor identity.

From the UK, Julie Spring currently lives in Brisbane, Australia. With a sociable, humble and loving personality, Julie has been responsible for employee relationships and training as a Human Resources Director of 10,000 individuals where she now has her own business in the coaching AND online space.

“I left my degree to backpack around the world for 5 years and had a ball. In my late 20's I joined a business to save for my next trip and left 20 years later. In this role I went from waitress to HR Director of 10,000 people. I was responsible for all things people from employee relations, training, recruitment, leadership development and engagement.

I left that business in 2012 and moved to the UAE where I set up my own business focusing on coaching, culture change and leadership. I still have that business although I have stopped actively growing it. I have kept one client that I just love and I still coach when asked by old clients.”

What sacrifices have you had to make to succeed in your previous field, and do you feel the sacrifices were worth it?

“Mmm I'm not sure I label them as sacrifices as I loved what I did. We made a huge difference to the culture of the organisations and I worked with amazing people, many that have become personal friends.

I did work long hours and due to that it got in the way of me building a strong relationship with a partner, I therefore married late and did not have children.

Was it worth it? I have never lived with regret and I am now extremely happily married and I have 2 wonderful step daughters. When I moved to Australia, I was having to be away from home a lot to work for my clients and I didn't think that was worth it."

So, were you actively looking to start your own business?

“I wouldn't say I was actively looking for a business - When I moved to the UAE I had thought I would stop working, but I found that did not suit me as I lost my sense of purpose and almost identity.

When I moved to Australia, I was fortunate enough to be offered a couple of roles by recommendation but I found I was tying myself in knots worrying about what I would do when the contracts ended. I really did not want to go out looking for new clients, I realised that business development was not something I loved, I didn't want to put myself out there.”

How did you come across Prosperity Of Life?

“One day on my run, I can clearly remember where I was - I stopped and said ok, there has to be something out there that suits me. I want to work, I want to make a difference and I want to still earn an income that I was used to. I literally came across an ad and the rest is history.

What appealed on first viewing the business presentation, I simply wanted the product. I have been doing Personal Development for some time in various forms. I am also qualified as an Exec Coach, Master NLP, Timeline therapy and hypnotherapy. I had no idea what network marketing was but I thought the product might be good - one for myself and also something that I could use to help others."

Did you have any difficulties growing your business?

“I had not sat down and consciously made a decision to take on a business so I had not organised my life to fit it in. I led a busy life full of travel and visitors and originally found it difficult to carve out the time that was needed.

The day I made the decision to take the business seriously I lost my brother, and returning home to support my family did interfere with my focus. On-going I have had some ups and downs but I have always known they are of my own doing, usually because I allow life to get in the way. It's a learning curve like anything else and I had to push through, especially the marketing side, I like many others had no idea what I was doing and carried self-limiting beliefs around this.”

What have you achieved with your Prosperity Of Life business?

“Managing my emotional state, this has been a huge shift, not so much around others more around how I treated myself. My most recent is coming to terms with who I am. I have spent most of my life believing that when I enter a room people will not like me. Knowing this is irrational is one thing but stopping it has been a whole other ball game and this business has enabled me to make the actual transition to accepting that one it probably isn't the truth and secondly if it is it has nothing to do with me. With this has come a sense of calm.

We travel more. I am able to work my business around my family and friends when they visit. I am able to continue the business when I return to the UK so i am able to spend a month over there.

Truly understanding the power of my thoughts, being truly on purpose. I love finishing the job and have found I can fit so much more into my day. I am no longer responsible for thousands of people. I don't spend so many hours commuting or sitting in endless meetings. I have greater flexibility working when and where I want.” - Julie Spring

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