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A Two Year Search Led To the Perfect Solution

Melissa Caira spent the best part of two years actively searching for a business she could operate from home. She'd hit a point where she felt ready to create her own success but still have time for her family, for travel & for herself.

"I wanted to find a way that I could contribute meaningfully to the family finances. Everything I came across was your typical multi-level-marketing set up. That wasn't for me. I didn't want to bug friends and family."

Melissa Caira - Prosperity Of Life Distributor located in North Carolina, USA

With a background in Interior Design & Holistic Health Coaching, Melissa was open to new Opportunities that were going to keep her flexible lifestyle but significantly shift things up a gear financially...

Melissa admits - she found so much junk online - but she kept looking, knowing that she'd have that moment of "I'll know it's right when I see it". Melissa's two year search eventually led her here to Prosperity Of Life and she instantly knew this was the solution she'd been searching for. But... she did have to work through some feelings of skepticism (mostly from her husband)! Nowadays, she's loving being a part of our Online Business Community - and actually getting to know the leaders within the Company (who she originally thought might be paid actors)!

Check out this great video showcasing Melissa's journey to establishing herself as a distributor of Prosperity Of Life.

"I really don't want to pitch products to friends and family".

This is a common consideration for many as they enter the world of online or home based business.

Here at Prosperity Of Life, quite simply, we're proud of how we teach you to run your business... on a Global Scale, so you don't have to sell to family & friends. We teach simple and effect marketing methods utilising the latest technologies & advertising platforms and there's no need to blast your business or products on any of your personal social pages.

We teach our distributors how to create a brand, to set up completely separate "Business Pages" for pro

motional purposes & this allows you to keep your personal profile (& activity) 100% detached from your business posts. While some Distributors choose to combine their personal posts with business, more and more people are opting to keep things separate. The great thing with the evolution of social media functionality is that it's very possible to keep your "side hustle" exactly that.

So, if you're looking to create something good, really good, on the side... then maybe it's time you took a look in this direction. Reach out to us today via the Contact Us button & we'll pop you in touch with one of our Distributors.

To Your Success!

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