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Bringing your Future Self from then, into the now...

"Your Future Self" is one of the most powerful topics (& an absolute favourite!) in our Beyond Freedom Evolution Program & this past week on the North American Live Stream training session, Lise Reitsma really brought the magic of this topic to life with our Company Co-Owner Shane Krider.

"I pulled out one of my Goal cards that I had written on when I first got started & I had achieved everything on that list". Lise shared that when she moved her home office recently, she came across her goal cards from years ago & realised that she had been able to tick off everything that she had written down. "I am my Future Self now, that Lise however many years ago was aspiring to become".

Prosperity of life training event, Seattle
Lise Reitsma presenting on stage at a Prosperity Of Life training event.

Shane was able to bring a different angle to this topic with a valuable conversation about the "Aspiring Shane" - the one who's writing down Goals & striving everyday and then there's the "Achieved Shane" - who's done a lot of things! One of the biggest opportunities in Personal Development (especially when it's combined with an Online Business) is that it gives people a huge amount of space to aspire toward whatever they choose... but sometimes we can find ourselves in a "holding pattern" - where you're somewhat disconnected from that Aspiring version of ourselves. Maybe we're waiting for a certain date or event to click over, maybe we're looking to get out of a situation or to finish a timeline of some sort or maybe we're trying to "fix" something that probably isn't worth fixing in the first place...

Making the change, getting into the next phase & creating something new all starts with setting the Goal & then, of course, taking the Action - with a little magic added in. 

Shane is famous (in my world) for speaking about focusing on building the new - when something has changed or ended for you "Don't focus on recreating the old, just focus on building the new" - this is where the magic is, it's in being that Aspiring version of you, the one that's heading towards your Future Self.

Getting to your Future Self can happen quicker than you think too! Lise shared a beautiful story about something she only recently put on her vision board, that came to fruition much quicker than expected, in quite an unexpected way! "Don't discount the magic of the Universe. I don't know why I continue to get surprised, because I've done it so many times! I put something out there & it's come back, quicker than I anticipated & usually in a different way than I projected..."

As Shane said on the call - today can feel like Day Number One. Choose to switch into the Aspiring version of yourself, set some Goals, get Grounded, use your extra energy in a Fun way & get really clear on your Future Self Vision.

It sounds to me like it's a really good day to do just that...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications


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