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Can Moms Really Do It? Business and Motherhood

Can Moms Really Do It? Business and Motherhood

We all know that being a mom is a full-time job on its own. From sunrise to sunset, you're busy taking care of your family's needs, and your plate is already overflowing. But have you ever wondered if it's possible to venture into the world of online business, earn big, and still be there for your family?

Today, we hear from Kristine Bene, a remarkable mom who took charge of her life and found success with Prosperity Of Life. Now with three kids, she shares how she got started as well as her experience as a mom running a successful online business while taking care of everything else.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Kristine's journey began when she joined POL while pregnant with her daughter, Olivia. Despite her previous background in bartending, physiotherapy, and running an Airbnb, Kristine realized that juggling everything became impossible after becoming a mom. "I still had big ideas and big goals though," she says.

One random day, Kristine saw a social media post from a former colleague who was achieving incredible success in a business venture. Curious, she reached out to her colleague to learn more about the opportunity she was posting. After sitting through a presentation and discovering how her colleague was making $50,000 a month, Kristine knew she had found her ticket out of the bar scene.

How does a typical day look?

A typical day in Kristine's life is a true testament to balancing motherhood and a thriving online business.

After getting her kids ready for school and taking care of the baby, Kristine starts her day at 7:30 am. Balancing motherly duties with work, she breastfeeds her baby while dedicating time to her business. She transformed her office into a nursery and now works on her laptop at the kitchen table, sipping her morning coffee.

When her kids go to bed, Kristine focuses on marketing her business and managing its internal aspects. Remarkably, she admits to working just around 15 hours per week.

Taking a Break After Giving Birth

Before having her baby, Kristine dedicated about 20-25 hours a week to her business. The number of hours she has put into her business is significantly lower than how long she would typically work in a week. This was intentional (choosing an online business) so she could have the freedom to work whenever she wanted and spend time with her family whenever she wanted.

All the effort she poured into her business before her baby arrived paid off. The hard work she had invested into contacting clients, doing the marketing for her business, following up leads, and so on continued to pay dividends, allowing her to scale back her working hours.

Business and Motherhood: Can you do it too?

The main takeaway from Kristine's story is that moms can successfully pursue an online business, achieve financial success, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Despite the challenges of being a mom and juggling various responsibilities, Kristine found the courage to explore new opportunities. She discovered the Prosperity Of Life business, which offered her the flexibility to work part-time, around her family's needs

Kristine's journey showcases the power of determination and resourcefulness. She recognized that she couldn't continue juggling multiple roles and decided to seek an alternative path. By embracing the online business Prosperity Of Life is offering, Kristine found a way to pursue her goals while still being present for her family.

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