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Community... [kuh-myoo-ni-tee]

There's a famous Harvard Study that shows that 25% of your Success will come from those who you surround yourself with.

The African Proverb says that it takes a Village to Raise a Child.

And Lance Armstrong has been known to quote: "Knowledge is Power, Community is Strength and Positive Attitude is Everything".

I couldn't find a better place to combine all of these mottos (& truths!) than here with Prosperity Of Life.

We have just held an epic Partayyy at Rachel & Shane Krider's new home in Portugal and this is actually the first big get-together we've had in a couple of years (thanks to Covid travel restrictions of course).

We had Prosperity Of Life Distributors fly in from all over the world (literally from 14 different countries!) and many of our Community members were meeting for the first time.

One special lady who attended was Celebrating an impressive milestone in her Online Business having just smashed out a $50kUSD PROFIT month - that's Karen Murphy, from Sydney! You'll hear more about her story in future blogs.

Karen & Company Co-Owner Rachel Krider held a wonderful Live Stream for the rest of our Distributor base after the party - the energy was still electric a couple of days later & there was one repeat message being shared - how much everyone loved being around our Community members.

Co-founders of Prosperity Of Life with 50k Club Member
Rachel & Shane Krider and Karen Murphy

Karen kicked off the conversation... "Rachel & Shane absolutely put on an amazing evening for us all. What stands out for me was just having the ability to reconnect with people - a lot of people I had never met before as well as many familiar faces. To be able to meet with people face to face, to have really good discussions and the energy on the night was great".

Rachel shared "It was a special moment to connect with everyone when of course we haven't seen anybody for such a long time. It was emotional for me to have everybody together here for the first time in our place & I have a high level of appreciation for everyone who made the effort to come out to Portugal".

I mean seriously, how many International Companies can you work with, where the owners open up their own home to their Distributors?! What a way to increase your Success rate by hanging out with these guys... Share with us if you were at the Portugal Party - how was the experience for you? We're now excited to be opening up weekly sessions for Distributors & Guests to visit Rachel & Shane Krider's home to connect & get an up close look at our Online Business Model, so if you're in the area make sure you let us know! To Your Success! Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications


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