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It's beginning to look a lot like... Business!

Chatting with Agatha from Melbourne this week & she's Celebrating heading into the Holiday Season - with her Business in mind... She's just banked another sale & had a brand new team member jump onboard over in New Zealand - less than a week out from Christmas!

Agatha & Aisha - enjoying their Marketing Filming experience in Portugal!

Agatha is an independent Mum of an energetic 6yr old & comes from a Hospitality Management background. It's school holiday time & these gals are hitting the road, up the east coast of Australia to Queensland to jump on a cruise for New Years Eve & then a camping stay in the beautiful Noosaville... bliss! Agatha says that one of the reasons she chose to move into an Online Business was to have endless flexibility for her daughter and a good lifestyle. Agatha & her daughter Aisha have recently traveled to Europe to have some Marketing Filming done & she says that after that experience, her daughter's taste for adventure is already surpassing her Mum's! "She’s wanting to go live in Portugal and stay travelling indefinitely".

My current workspace as I'm writing this blog, while my car is being serviced... the iconic Brighton Jetty #workfromanywhere

We've been talking a lot this past week about successful & strategic ways to continue creating success in Business through the holiday season & one of the best ways is to literally fit your business into the nooks & crannies of the day... it doesn't take much to keep your finger on the pulse & keep the wheels turning so to speak, which can lead to epic results. Maybe this time of year we don't do as much but the things that can be done, are what keeps our business moving forward, setting us up for another successful year ahead. It's so worth it!

Many businesses shut down over this time & lose income for up to a month! Being in the Online Business world, it doesn't matter what week of the year it is, we're in Business. This doesn't mean that we don't get to enjoy the holiday season, switch off & set a good lifestyle, it means we get to choose when we open the laptop & do what we need to do, from wherever we want.

This time of year is always a time of people making changes, deciding what they really want for the year ahead & it's a great time to be setting new goals & backing yourself on structuring the coming year to be just the way you want it to be... I know that for sure - I got started, all those years ago, 3 days before Christmas! I knew I wanted better for the year ahead, I didn't want the next Christmas to have the stress of the one I was in. Buying one of our Personal Development courses when I got started, was my Christmas present - and it's turned out to be the best gift ever.

So, who's making some big changes for next year? Who's excited about what's in store? I sure am!

Congrats again Agatha on your Holiday (& International!) Business Expansion, & enjoy your travels with Aisha!

Here's to a great Holiday Season everyone...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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