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Mind Hacks for Rapid Transformation

Shane Krider's Live Stream earlier today on our YouTube Channel was created, designed & delivered for the person who wants to see massive transformation in their life, quickly. Shane is what us Aussies would call a "bloody good example" of creating rapid transformation in his own life. Going from being a blue collar guy on 36k a year, to building his own successful business valued at $170m, I'd certainly call that rapid transformation.

Shane Krider presenting at a recent event in Australia

Whether it was Shane's intention or not, to grow a business of that size and while yes, that did take a few years, his first phase of "rapid transformation" was more on the scale of what millions of everyday type people are looking to achieve - to get out of the dead end "hard work" and build personal & financial freedom - beyond the norm of what our friends, family & neighbours might label as "successful".

In today's YouTube episode Shane talked about some Mind Hacks that are really the secret moves that create big change in someone's life. But firstly, it's important (& exciting) to look at exactly what a "Hack" is...

What is a hack?

"A hack is an activity allowed by the system, that subverts the goal of system, that allows you to do something that you shouldn't be able to do" - Bruce Schneier

Read that again - "allows you to do something that you shouldn't be able to do".

"A Hacker's Mind - How the Powerful Bend Society's Rules and How to Bend them Back" ~ Bruce Schneier

Today's Prosperity Of Life YouTube Live Stream - "Mind Hacks for Rapid Transformation"

So, the first question to ask ourselves is: Who makes the damn rules? Typically the "rules" come from things that have happened in the past, experiences we've had that give us this picture of who / what we are meant to be. It can also come from what other people have told us about ourselves - what type of person we are or what they think we are destined to be. Based on these rules we can fall into the trap of playing it safe - being that safe version of ourselves as opposed to really going for it & aiming for something that most would say, we shouldn't be able to do.

Often someone can look at their circumstances & think that's what dictates what they should / shouldn't do or achieve. This YouTube episode is designed to get you completely flipping that on its head. You've gotta get out of your own way - stop resorting to the "fact" that your life is just the way it is. Because that's not a fact - unless you continually choose it to be.

"How bad do you want it? How willing are you to humble yourself - to become the student, to question what you think you already know..." ~ Shane Krider.

The system that we need to hack is that auto pilot mode that we continually slip back into because we don't utilise the tools around us to create results in a new way. It's about breaking out of the mould & creating a new reality for ourselves.

Like Shane mentioned, it's the thinking that you've used so far that has had you living the life that you have (so far)...

There are some very clear & actionable steps outlined in this episode that can be the key to moving forward & creating the results that you want, if you're prepared to create that new thinking and I have to say, there's a little bit of magic in there too. I highly recommend you check it out...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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