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Pay it forward, you'll never know how far it goes...

I was spending time with a new Prosperity Of Life Distributor throughout the week on an Onboarding Zoom and I asked the question that I ask of all of our new members... "What's the main reason you decided to get started here?"

This wonderful lady replied with "I like to Pay it Forward".

One of the reasons that Sarah has chosen our business model is because she wants to be in a financial position where she can pay it forward & bless more people, more often. What a wonderful motivation!

Shane Krider, Rachel Krider & Greg Strom... a wise trio indeed.

Many of us will admit that when we first got started in our Prosperity Of Life Business, it was for ourselves & our families. It was to initially hit our own goals & create our own level of success - which more often than not, is based around having more time flexibility & a better financial result.

It's not too far down the track though that our eyes (& our minds) get opened to what we really have our hands on... and that lightbulb moment happens where we realise that this business is something much greater than our own goals.

Some of our Leadership Team members shopping up a storm on supplies & delivering to local charities

Throughout the years that I've worked alongside Rachel & Shane Krider and Greg Strom, I've been fortunate enough to experience a really special Event Experience called "The RAK Race". This is where we take an afternoon out of the conference room, split into teams & complete challenges & missions that whilst they're fun & yes there's a competition involved, it's all focused around making a positive impact on the local community of wherever we're holding the event.

We've held these RAK Race Experiences all over the world - in Tahiti, Colorado, Spain and just recently in Cape Town, South Africa, just to name a few.

One of our RAK Race Teams capturing local landmarks in Cape Town

When we all gather back together in the conference room for the final presentation session, each team shares some fun moments that they enjoyed, of course how many challenge points they accumulated and lastly, what their "big impact" moment was - how significantly were they able to impact the local community throughout the afternoon. I can't tell you how emotional this presentation session gets because there are always incredible & unexpected discoveries and opportunities to really make a difference.

"Dabbing" was worth bonus points in South Africa!

As you can imagine we have been able to assist in homeless shelters, recovery missions, animal sanctuaries, medical facilities, schools and of course with everyday individuals that are doing it tough. We have endless stories & it's always something we love reflecting on at the next Live Event.

Outside of these RAK Race experiences, as a Company we've been involved in numerous fundraising events with Charities such as the Make a Wish Foundation, the Leukaemia Foundation and CharityWater & we are proud of our extensive range of documentaries that align with special needs groups too.

When I say we're in good hands with Rachel, Shane & Greg - I really mean it. They would have to be 3 of the most generous people I've ever met and humble to boot. You wanna know why they're able to be so giving? Because they're kick ass business people too and that is a great reason to be in business - to pay it forward because you just never know how far it'll go...

Supporting a local business buy purchasing produce to gain a RAK Race code word!

There's a tip that I give out to new people too - if you ever get stuck in your own head about succeeding here, about picking up the phone to ring that next lead or about placing that next ad... just remember, this is about way more than just you & your goals. What if the next person you speak to really REALLY needs this solution? What about with your next multiple 5 figure or 6 figure month you could pay it forward in a bigger way than you ever have before? Now you'll feel more confident about making that next call & placing that next ad.

To all of our community members who have participated in these RAK Race Events & other fundraising projects we've been involved with, you guys rock & I know that there's so many of you that have your own giving back projects too. We're making an impact, let's keep doing just that...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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