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When to Realize You’re Stuck in a Rut and Why You Should Get Out ASAP!

What does it mean to be “stuck in a rut”? It’s not something you’d say everyday. I mean, how does one immediately notice they’re stuck? If you get your car stuck in some mud or ice, you don’t really say, “It’s okay, I’m just feeling a bit tired today.” , or, “No big deal, it’s just another Monday.”

And that’s the thing about us humans. As good or bad as it may be, we’re addicted to growth and will keep going - even when we’re stuck.

So if we’re still going, why bother right?

Before I touch up on that question, let’s start with a few signs. The more bullet points you find yourself relating to, the more likely that you’re stuck and may need to make some life changes.

  • Your days start feeling the same, where it’s not weird to look up and ask, “Is it Monday or Wednesday today?”

  • You don’t look forward to doing much throughout the day (except maybe eat and sleep)

  • If someone were to ask you how you’re doing or what you’ve been up do, honestly, you’d end up saying “meh.”

  • You know that change will make you happier in the long run, but continue to stick with the same situation since you won’t be risking any pain or failure…

  • ...So then you get sick of hearing yourself complain about being stressed, tired and unfulfilled.

It could feel like you’re treading water, running in one place and getting absolutely nowhere further from where you’d first started.

But let’s admit it, everyone gets into ruts. It happens to the best of us. And what distinguishes the successful from the average, is understanding why stagnancy - or complacency - is one of our biggest inhibitors, and how to overcome it pronto.

Why Bother...Again?

Whether you’ve become complacent in your job, lost motivation for your workout programs, or just cannot get the creative juices flowing for your writing, it’s crucial to understand why movement facilitates and - like I’d mentioned previously - being stagnant inhibits.

I’ll use an example here. Say you have a pond that becomes stagnant:

  • The water stops flowing or running

  • It becomes inactive or dull

  • It gets abandoned

  • Thus, life won’t thrive

As exaggerated as it may seem, see how it starts to draw parallels to certain life experiences?

When you come to acknowledge the impact being stagnant has, you’re already at an advantage. You’ve got the grit to get out (and that’s the hard part!)

So where do you start?

There are many ways of getting out. Changing up your routine. Reigniting your purpose. Taking a break etc. You can even check out one of my previous posts about overcoming it through small steps here.

Have you ever been stuck? If so, how'd you get out?

Comment your stories below!


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