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Success is not a Straight Line

We're often told to find the most "A to B route" to get somewhere or to achieve something and while this might be the case with individual travels or tasks, it's not always (or ever) the case with creating Success. You may have seen the image of what we expect Success to be (a straight line upwards!) vs what it really is (looks like the profile picture of Mr Messy from the Mr Men book series). It can be a messy ride BUT as long as you've got some "work through" strategies to use, you can find your way.

I had the pleasure of chatting with a wonderful couple from within our Business Community this morning - Mark & Eileen, from Queensland, Australia. They are enjoying a huge amount of Personal & Financial Success in their business & they know a thing or two about navigating the rocky roads... (Mark is known for his sweet tooth - see what I did there)?!

Mark & Eileen come from a Professional Coaching & Training background so they're not new to Personal Development, they know how critical it is to continually work on yourself while you work on your business but one of the key tips they spoke about was that when we go through challenging patches it's always an opportunity to learn, to go within. Mark asks himself the question "What do I need to be noticing that I haven't noticed before...". They spoke about recognizing patterns in business but also patterns within ourselves that can almost dictate the result we are going to get. Once you identify the pattern you can create a new one - a successful one.

"We have come to understand what is normal - there are up times & down times. Sometimes your ads won't produce leads. Sometimes your leads don't answer the phone at the arranged follow up time. That's normal. The good thing to realise is that you're not looking for "most people" - we're looking for the right people, and everyone goes through these challenges". Mark referred to this process in that "It's not like making an instant coffee". We laughed. I said it's not like a premix cocktail either - it's got to be the real deal - shaken and stirred! (They do like their cocktails & so do I). We laughed again. We find so many relevant analogies here...

What we mean is that we get to select who we work with & by doing the right work on ourselves & our business, we continue to attract the right people for us & this business is right for them - we've just gotta keep the main thing the main thing along the way.

Prosperity of Life online business owners Gold Coast
Mark Klaassen and Eileen Darwin "hard" at work :o)

Mark & Eileen spoke about what keeps their belief in their business going too - their 3 key points are:

- We have a strong belief in the owners of Prosperity Of Life

- We see the longevity & experience that the Leadership Team have

- We believe in our own capabilities - we have an internal desire to be more than we thought possible

That sounds like a recipe for success right there!

In summing up what success means to both of them, Eileen loves that she is proud of the long term friendships she has, the way she has raised her children, that she feels healthy & wakes up motivated every day & with a purpose. She regularly contributes to her favourite charities, has time for her family & friends, that's she's financially independent - not relying on a Government pension, that she sets & achieves goals every day & that she recently bought her very first brand new car - at the age of 71! Eileen says "I'm a work in progress - my Spiritual Self is what I endeavour to play to".

Mark added that Success to him is "Continuous improvement - in me, in my results, in my relationships".

Such great wisdom! Mark & Eileen, I'm so grateful for you both sharing with me & our community today! Congrats again on all of your Success...

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications


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