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The Be, Do, Have of Leadership

You have to "Be" before you can "Do" & "Do" before you can "Have" ~ Zig Ziglar.

I was thinking recently about how impatient we can be with our Goals & how when we decide that there's something we want, we most often want it right now, am I right? Welcome to the age of a lot of things happening quickly. Need to get to dinner in 15min? Book an Uber - it'll be here in 5. Need something delivered? Couriers promise it done in under an hour. Need to know how to do something? Google it - instant answers (admittedly - not always correct, so keep that in mind)! They say we live in the time of "instant gratification" but I do hope that doesn't mean we're becoming less grateful... I digress.

Back to Be, Do, Have.

I have just "clicked over" (& Celebrated!) 15 years of working alongside Shane & Rachel Krider - and for that I am extremely grateful ❤️ I was thinking about the moment that I really decided I could see myself as one of "those" successful people in the Online Business world & I came up with a very matter of fact plan to get there. I had a light bulb moment of looking at those who were in Leadership roles at the time - those who had created the financial success, were well equipped to be training others & building an amazingly successful team of their own & thought, they are amazing & I really admire them, but there's just a list of things they've completed to get there. Along with of course, really working on their mindset to be able to get through it.

So I set about writing a "Leadership List" - What did I need to do, to get "there"? There being that I was successful in my new Online Business.

There were a number of things in this business that scared me - I thought I either wasn't good enough to do them or didn't know how & then I discovered that all of these things I would learn along the way (& other people had done them so why couldn't I)? Things like: 

  • Conducting my own Q&A's and Q&A's for others (nowadays we have an awesome team that do that for us but sometimes we do them ourselves too)

  •  Placing ads on platforms I had never used before - this bit I just took one platform at a time & build my confidence along the way

  • Pushing myself to stay on a consistent plan (3 / 5 / 10 plan) & trusting the results would come (my gosh it's so worth it)!

  • taking intro's on a training call (we now have Live Streams) - this petrified me - all those people calling out their names & I thought I would get it all wrong! Oh my gosh, then there was the day I was introducing Shane Krider and I was muted and couldn't unmute myself which left this awful silence & Rachel had to jump in & save me!!! I wanted the ground to open up & swallow me... 😱

  • Co-hosting training calls (again I thought I wasn't good enough - newsflash, you only get asked to do this because someone believes in you & knows you're ready for it)

  • Training new team members - imposter syndrome kicked in because I still felt so new, so what would I know?

  • Banking. Large. Paydays 🤑 Yikes. I knew I wanted this level of income when I started but actually thinking I was worth it?! That took some work...

  • Stepping up in my business - getting myself to the M8 level - I just had to back myself on it & know that people would follow my lead & I'd get paid for it!

  • Attending events - I thought, who am I to be walking into a room with all of these successful people? It turns out that I realised they were the people I'd be working with for the rest of my life & I never regretted getting on that plane to Hawaii.

There were other things on the list but I remember sitting down & writing out all of the "scary" things I needed to get through to put myself in a position of knowing I'd done everything I could to get the result. I just had this idea that there was nothing different between me & the people I was looking up to, it's just they'd got through this list to get to where they were.

So, I had my list ready to start working through & ticking off & then I had to get my head in the game.

This is the start of Be, Do, Have. I started "pretending" I was already the successful person. I wasn't doing "fake it until I make it" - I was still being completely me, but picturing that I was already the successful person & when I didn't have enough belief in myself, I borrowed my enroller's belief in me. I remember hearing it in her voice - she really believed I could be successful & did not see a single obstacle for me, so I drew on that while I built my belief in myself. So grateful!

One of my strategies to work on this was to ask myself how I would handle a situation if I was already "that successful person"? Rather than making moves from where I was at, I would make moves "as if" I was already the successful person I wanted to be.

So that's the "Be", the task list was the "Do", and the great thing is, I got to (& still get to) enjoy the "Have" because of all of that. I was going to title this blog "Leadership is just a List" but then I remembered, it is more than a list - it really is a process of Be, Do, Have.

In chatting with one of our Leadership Team members Bruce Partridge throughout the week there was something we had in common & that's the realisation that Leadership & in fact this whole business, is so much bigger than us. It's more about others than ourselves. Sure, we get started here to achieve our own goals BUT when we take the focus away from ourselves & turn it to how we can be of service to others, that's where it gets really exciting. Being of service is a well-known motto of Bruce's - it's a North Star that he lives by & certainly a guiding principle for his marketing too. "People follow strong leaders. Leaders with an unwavering voice. An authentic message and a focus on gifting that message to those that need and choose to hear it. I didn’t strive to be a leader, that comes naturally to those who share the right heartfelt message in a strong and consistent way. Realising this places you in a leadership position. Who you become is up to you, how you become it is Personal Development". How good is that?! So true Bruce... you definitely have a strong voice throughout our community!

I remember hearing Lise Reitsma coin the phrase one day that "Leadership is not Glamorous" & she couldn't be more accurate! I think that originally I did see being in Leadership as a bit of a glam opportunity but knowing now what it takes to get there - it's all about the mindset & the grunt work. Yes, I totally get it - we get to do some amazing things as part of Leadership! Super Yacht days, Retreats on Private Islands, overnight stays in South African Safari Parks & of course you've heard about the upcoming helicopter flight when we're on the cruise in Europe in August 2024, haven't you?! So yes, there are some amazing things that we do but I know that if you ask anyone in Leadership now, it's not about that for us. It's about being able to lead others to an awesome level of success, assist people to create change in their lives where they want it & to be involved in the direction & growth of this incredible company that we get to partner with - Prosperity Of Life.

Leadership is here for anyone that really wants to be a part of it so create your Leadership List & get busy doing the thing because you absolutely deserve to enjoy all of the success along the way, as well as the Leadership highlights as well.

Can't wait to Celebrate it all with you...

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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