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Transformation Begins Here...

"Who you turn up as when you first start as an Entrepreneur in your Life isn't the person that's going to produce the Results..."

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing 200k Club Member Alison Wheeler on what we call the "4 Stages of Business" and she spoke so passionately about her perspective on who we become in our Personal Development journey, in and out of Business.

We spoke about the transition from Employee mindset to being an Entrepreneur and how to transfer skills & success from our previous endeavours into a new Online Business, while still being prepared to start fresh & do some unlearning. We filmed this interview in a Gym (Ali's "natural habitat!") and the wallpaper behind us aptly featured the wording "Transformation Begins Here" & ain't that the truth...

One of the most important things about creating Success is really taking Ownership of who you are & what you're going for. "You've got to be able to own what you want. You've got to be able to say it out loud and be the person that's having that, because it's not who you think you are now."

Ali spoke about heading into "Stage 2" of your Business (after you've got through a little bit of the learning curve!) which is typically the phase where you stop trying to attract the right person, you start Being the right person and the right people start turning up! That's true for every area of your life, right? Not just in Business...

When we set a Goal or begin a new Journey, we're not "that person" right on Day One or we would already have the Goal. We have to grow into our Future Self & that can only be done by us as we work on ourselves. It starts with being 100% OK with where we're at right now, knowing what we want, finding our voice & our message and staying true to our authentic self, while we grow into the person who is at the point of achieving the Goal.

In our Breakthrough Branding Program we've been talking about this process specifically from a Brand & Marketing perspective. It starts with Finding Your Primary message & communicating it unapologetically. Ali calls it becoming a "Fully Expressed Being" and isn't that a powerful way to describe it?

Just like being in the Gym on a Fitness journey, our Personal Growth journey starts with where we're at right now & working on our Thoughts & Actions along the way. Transformation really does Begin here...

Thanks Ali for hanging out with me to do this interview - I can't wait to see the upcoming video episodes on this topic!

To Your Success

Kirsty Mailer Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications


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