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When You Love What You Do You'll Never Work a Day In Your Life

If you're not having fun, then you're doing it wrong.

I remember listening to a training call a few years into building my Prosperity Of Life business and Shane Krider (visionary of Prosperity Of Life), was talking about the importance of keeping it light, keeping it fun! He dubbed the catch phrase, "if it isn't fun, it shall not be done".

I immediately thought - YES! There is so much truth in this approach. This is how I build my business. Every day is fun. Every day I'm in a state of play. I'm dancing with the universe and guess what....the universe has a wicked sense of humour.

Every now and again she will throw you a curve ball and it's important to stay in a state of curiosity. What can I learn from this situation? How can I adapt? Do I have to make some moves or do I employ the law of least effort to this situation & just let it ride out?

Above all else keep a smile on your dial and appreciate the journey.

Imagine building your business in a playful state. Imagine how much more attractive you would be to your prospects.

I've done it the other way too. I've attempted to build my business from a more serious state. I've attempted to solve every single little thing that comes my way and often that just created more problems. It doesn't work so well. It's like pushing a big old bolder up the hill as apposed to riding down a beautiful crisp mountain on a sled.

Sometimes if there's a problem you're best to do nothing. Get busy in another area of your business building activity and the perceived problem just ceases to exit. You have out-created the problem by getting busy somewhere else & flowing your energy to an area that is responding to your productivity.

Sometimes the problems that present themselves is simply the universe nudging you in a different direction.

A team building day out for Prosperity Of Life associates in Algarve, Portugal
Prosperity Of Life distributors having fun on Alchemy

So remember...."if it's not fun, it shall not be done". This doesn't mean that you're out at the beach every day when you should be doing necessary business activity. It simply means that you're consciously choosing to build your business from a state of play. You give yourself permission to walk away from certain tasks that are pulling you down and you ask yourself....."what can I be doing right now to take me towards my goals that I'm excited to do?" And then just get busy doing that!

And this is not to say that you never do the things that are perhaps uncomfortable or your least favourite (like getting the paperwork prepped for the accountant). These tasks are important and need to be done. But even these tasks, go at it with an attitude of playfulness and be grateful that you have a business that requires such tasks to be done in the first place.

So that's my message. Be grateful and have fun!

Rachel Krider - Prosperity Of Life Co-Founder

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