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When your Online Business is more than "Just a Business"...

We have a saying in this Business that there comes a point where it goes “from your Head to your Heart” & I know for sure that’s happened in Lisa Hills’ home office in recent times.

Lisa is an independent Mum living in Perth, Western Australia with her gorgeous 10yr old son Cooper and within their home, they’re an awesome team.

Check out this great interview where Prosperity Of Life distributor, Lisa Hills shares of her success working around her young son.

Prosperity Of Life Distributor Lisa Hills, from Perth Western Australia

Lisa comes from a work background in Event Management & had also been running a Complimentary Therapeutic Health practice but with the way the world changed in 2020, both industries were hit pretty hard, leaving her working hours and income in a very unpredictable state…

Nearing her 40’s & wanting to make sure she had the availability for Cooper, Lisa responded to an Online Ad that led her here to Prosperity Of Life.

Lisa firstly got to know her product - our Online Personal Development courses, really REALLY well. Not only to benefit her in her business, but on every level of her’s & Cooper’s lives. She immersed herself within the Community, learning from the leaders & taking it step by step, implementing the training into her own business. Throughout that time, she’s found that the magical combination of working on her business and on herself, is the key to getting results. The bonus is that she’s had that “head to heart” moment…

“When people ask me about the business, I tell them it’s way more than a just a business. The first time this really sunk in was when Shane and Rach jumped on a Zoom call with Cooper after he had missed out on saying hello to them on a team call. They took time out of their busy schedules to connect with him one on one and it made him feel incredibly special.” Seriously, who gets that in a big corporate company? It just doesn’t happen, right? The company owners chatting to their “reps” kids?

Cooper gets amongst it all too… he’s a student of our courses, taking on board a ton of Personal Development & he’s nailing it in a support role as well - he enters Lisa’s leads in every day for her, even bugging her to generate more leads so he has more work to do!

“He enters leads before and after school. Tallies them up and he’s paid fortnightly. He chose the pay cycle.” Nice one kiddo…

He’s got a pretty good opinion of Mum’s new business too…

“I love mums business because it gives her more flexibility to spend time with me”.

When I was bullied last year, the 17 day course and speaking to Shane helped me deal with the bullies”.

Most of us in this Online Business Community will admit, we get started here because of some initial goals that we have in mind and usually they’re centred around us. As time goes on, we discover this is much bigger than just ourselves, our goals get bigger & it becomes less about us & more about our “Why” and how we can assist others with achieving their “Why” too.

Lisa has just knocked out a staggering $29kAUD profit in the last 6 weeks & in Congratulating her on this achievement, she pinged back this super sweet message…

🌼 Gratitude 🌼 Thank you for introducing me to this business. $29k in such a short period of time is absolutely life changing for us. In that time we’ve both been unwell and my business ran super part time which is amazing. Much love and gratitude from Cooper and I…you are an absolute rockstar.

Yep - you read that right, Lisa was actually unwell (with chicken pox no less!) Cooper was home sick from school too & Lisa was able to keep things ticking over from the comfort of wherever she felt like being… in very part time hours. No loss of income here with a few pesky bugs going around… 😉

Lisa's recent Social Media post: "This is what working from home really looks like. #workfromhomelife #onlinebusiness #happykids "

This is one of my head to heart moments, when you see what impact this has on other people lives. You can get that feeling too, if you surround yourself with the right people, position yourself in a successful business model and community and be that demonstration of what really is possible.

This is what it’s really all about. It sure is more than “just a Business”.

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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