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Who is Shane Krider... really?

On a recent internal training Live Stream, our company Co-Owner & Visionary, Shane Krider, was thrown in the hot seat in a spur of the moment interview with one of our Leadership Team Members, Bruce Partridge.

Shane Krider in Cape Town, South Africa

His key questions were all based around - Who WAS Shane... and who is Shane now?

Many of you would know the outline of Shane's story in business, for those who don't I'll recap on it because even in a nutshell, it's impressive. Shane was a blue collar worker, living in Arizona, USA and he just wanted more out of life. He hated his boss yelling at him, hated that he was working on the fancy cars that he aspired to owning & driving and in his words he was a "desperate young guy".

Working several jobs around the clock just to try & get ahead, things weren't really working out for him. His Dad would say "Shane, if it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all". With a young family & no better job prospects on the line, he knew that something had to change and in a big way. Fast forward a little bit, Shane embarked on his Entrepreneurial Journey in the Network Marketing Industry, created rapid success (earning over $50k every single month within 6 months) and started his own company which was just 4 years later, valued at $170m USD.

Life started to look very different for Shane! A Leadership outing on a SuperYacht with Rachel & Shane Krider and Greg Strom

You would normally say "and the rest is history" but from what I've seen, the rest is just beginning. I bumped into Shane in business over 14 years ago & all the time, no matter what new milestone he's just achieved, you will hear Shane saying "I feel like I'm just getting started". To be "lead alongside" by someone who is always, every single day, looking to create more, is an inspiring place to be.

Shane, Bruce & Rachel at an Event where Bruce collected a new Award

Onto the interview with Bruce & Shane...

In chatting about who influenced Shane's life in his early years, he speaks fondly of the roles of both of his parents & his sister, that he was labeled as "shy" when he first started school, that his Dad was the numbers guy - being a Financial Planner - and was the first one to point out that maybe Amway wasn't a viable solution for him in his 20's. It was through his social connections & at school that Shane discovered that individuals have a different level of "confidence" and that this can really play a part in the results you get in life. Even something as simple as that guy in the group that was really comfortable within himself, not always the best looking guy, the strongest guy or the guy with the coolest car, would be the one that always got the girls... and Shane wanted that for himself too (the confidence - not the girls, but I'm sure that was part of it)! After leaving school early & entering the workforce, through several job changes, Shane really had his eyes opened to what people could achieve, in the right environment & with the right mindset. Putting car stereos into the types of cars he would've liked to be driving, he started chatting with the customers about how they "made their money" - and some of them surprised him! It opened his mind to the fact that there was a possibility for everyone to create financial success regardless of where you started.

When he was invited by a work buddy to attend a "meeting" (a Business Presentation) he declined the offer several times before he was asked "What have you got to lose". The reality was, he was that strung out emotionally & financially from trying to get ahead, he really didn't have anything to lose.

Some of the key concepts that Shane had picked up on throughout his life, that have been crucial to him creating the success that he has now have been around your own Self Image, Thinking in Possibilities & of course Backing Yourself in Action.

On the topic of Being a Leader, Shane says that in his childhood, he wasn't a Leader, or a Follower. He was an outcast. "I refused to follow & I sure as hell wasn't in a position to lead." Feeling irritated, annoyed & confused about the way that social & professional hierarchies worked, Shane set out to pave his own way, with the faith that there were other people out there like him.

Members of Shane's Leadership Team at a recent dinner in the fabulous Nobu Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

Of course the conversation turned to cars & the fact that Shane was "Born loving machines". He's motivated by things that go fast - and stands by the motto that when you're going for your Goals, it's easier to go fast, than slow.

An important turning point in Shane's life was when he did make that decision to shift gears in his career which then became a Business focus for him & he had to start seeing himself in a new role in life. "I'm no longer that guy" - the moment Shane decided he was no longer going to fix cars for extra money, he was backing himself as an Entrepreneur. There was a level of fear of what people would think but he'd made new decisions about the direction of his life & that there were new roles to play.

Rachel & Shane Krider. What a beautiful life they've created (he got the girl too)! ;)

When being asked about what would he tell that younger version of himself, knowing where he has got to now? "I would tell myself that I just have to take responsibility for my own wellbeing, for my direction in life. Maybe the world is cruel, maybe it's unfair, maybe it's unjust, maybe I'll never figure anything out, but if I'm going to have any life at all I just need to calm down, I need to get on purpose and I actually just need to start building my life one little piece at a time".

And what a beautiful life you continue to create Shane. From all of us that have the pleasure of being a part of it and being in business with you - Thankyou for being the demonstration, for carving a path for so many others and for just being you (& Happy Birthday "month" to you)!

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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