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Why I Chose to go into Business & Why I Keep Choosing in...

Don't let the reason you got Started be the thing that gets in your way of Succeeding...

We hear this phrase on our internal training Live Streams every now & then & it usually comes up when we're talking about what we feel is "getting in our way" of creating the results we want.

Funnily enough, it's often the reason that we got started in the first place. More time with our kids (then we don't feel like we've got the time to get the work done), more Money (then we say we don't have the money to spend in the ways we want in our business), more Freedom (and then we claim that someone else is stopping us).

Really?! It sounds crazy hey... But that's the way we can be if we don't "realise" it & address it. The thing is, you've got to know why you're going into business on Day One and then every single day after that, you have to keep choosing in & not let your "stoppers" (or excuses!) get in the way.

Enjoying a day (Mother's Day weekend!) in a Corporate Suite at the V8 Car Racing with my son

I'll confess, I've used the whole "I don't have time around the kids" excuse but when I remembered that this was actually one of the main reasons I got started, I turned it into a bit of a game. I see how many calls I can get done while I'm in the pick up line at school, how much PD (Personal Development) I can play while getting dinner ready or on a weekend drive with the kids, and even now, I'll get ideas & inspiration from what's "trending" with the kids for my ad campaigns. Seriously, their word tracks make for great ad content & social media posts! Besides the pay off for getting the work done in my Business, I also get to share the rewards with my kids by enjoying awesome experiences with them along the way.

If you keep "Choosing in" every single day with your Why in the front of your mind as your motivation not your stopper, you'll keep succeeding.

Prosperity Of Life Co-Owner Rachel Krider with Kristine Bene out boating while in Portugal...

This week on our North American Team Training Call, Kristine Bene shared that she got started so that her & her husband could quit their jobs & go traveling with their young family. Shortly after starting with Prosperity Of Life they did exactly that - took 3 months out for traveling, running their business & came home with their trip fully paid for and an extra $10k in the bank. 5 years later, Kristine has learned a lot about creating "real wealth" - how to continue creating financial success online for today, as well as invest for their future.

Michael & Arni Berry, loving working from home as well as traveling when they choose to...

Michael Berry from Texas, a previous CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, got started so that he could stop traveling all the time for work & start traveling more for pleasure with his beautiful wife Arni.

Anna in Toronto shared that she got started to create her sense of self-purpose, confidence & financial independence. Leslie in Colorado got started so that her husband (a Chiropractor) and she (a Dance Teacher) could stay in business, but move closer to family. Arlene in Georgia got started right in the beginning of COVID when local businesses were closing & her income in Education was declining rapidly.

So what is it for you? Why did you get started & is that still what motivates you today? I'd love to hear your "Why then" & your "Why now"... To Your Success! Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications #prosperityoflife #knowyourwhy #onlinebusiness #success #personaldevelopment

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Christine Greig
Christine Greig
28 thg 7, 2022

Excellent post and I can totally relate to having a strong WHY. We got started to have more Time and Money Freedom. Being in our 60's we wanted to spend more quality together and with our families.


28 thg 7, 2022

I got started because I wanted to be there for my son, and not have him in 50 he's a week child care. I wanted to be flexible enough in business so I could do school runs and attend events he had.

Now I want to create a life for my whole family where not only do I get to spend time with my son, but so that my husband (who's 24+ years in the military) can also get that quality family time by leaving the military, and living at home with us full time 😁. And we are a few months from achieving just that


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