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Why this Boss Lady says it's Business First... and why she's right.

Early on in my days of being mentored by Rachel Krider as a Distributor here with Prosperity Of Life, I heard her use the phrase "Business First". She'd shared a little bit about why this is a "go to" motto for her, for creating success in life - that when she is focused on hitting her goals in her business & creating success there, it allows the space for everything else in life to be taken care of.

To be honest, at the time I was married with a young family & Rach wasn't, so I thought well that's all well & good for you Rach, you've got all the time in the world to put into your business & minimal other responsibilities to handle and here was I, with a young family & a franchise business to run and I'm thinking this is not really a viable motto for me to try & live by.

Fast forward a short while & Rachel meets Shane, falls in love and they start a family. "Business First" remained her motto & they continued to create an amazing level of success (and still do today).

So I had the opportunity to dive deep a little with Rach on an internal training call earlier this month to explore this method of operation a bit further, for the benefit of the whole field, because over the years, it has become a motto for me too.

Rach said... "It's a philosophy that I've adopted to create the success that I set out to create - and maintain it! It's one thing to create some success, but to then be able to sustain it & maintain it, that's the magic. It was really important to me to have the stability & the continued upward spiral".

Rach shared on the Live Stream about how she had that moment of realisation when she started working for herself & her girlfriends were loving her new found time freedom - wanting to go for lunches & catch ups at the drop of a hat & the alarm bells went off that if Rach didn't set some boundaries around her schedule, she was not going to achieve the success she wanted. "I started plugging in to Jim Rohn & he talks about 6 days of work & one day of rest & the trouble is, too many people get that the wrong way around..."

Practising Business & Lifestyle Balance in Cape Town with a bunch of Distributors from around the world!

It's never about dropping everything else for your Business, absolutely not. It's about getting very clear on what you want to achieve, what needs to be done to create that success & then ensuring that the work gets done. We are so fortunate that this business has a super high level of flexibility - you can literally fit it in around everything else in life but you gotta make sure that you follow through with the daily tasks. "Good solid work ethic is important, but I also learned that balance is really important. Absolutely it's business first for me in the way that I prioritise because that's my way of staying on track with what I'm looking to achieve and then that allows me to do some pretty epic things, with my friends, with my family..." ~ Rachel Krider.

Personally, I am big on teaching my kids the right "order" of things so to speak... Handle your Responsibilities first, then get the Reward. Get the work done then have fun (of course making it fun along the way too). All round it's a great discipline to work on in our lives. It's not very often that a reward or result comes through without the work being done first. For me, it's also a way of managing that feeling of overwhelm that can creep in & it creates the space for us to be more present where we need to be, outside of our Business committments.

What are some of the choices & changes I hear throughout our Business Community that add up to individuals creating success? Saying no to the social events to redirect time & money into the business. Choosing to not spend as much time (or any time) with people who are a negative impact or "stoppers" as we call them. Cutting out TV shows & replacing that with Personal Development books / articles / audios. Prioritising that critical 90 - 180 days of build time in business to really get things off the ground - the time is going to go past anyway, right? Pulling back on spending in certain areas ("going without") to be able to invest in marketing.

Quality time in Cape Town, with Rachel Krider - such an incredibly valuable experience.

It's funny, we'll often hear people say that sometimes you'll have to "sacrifice" something to get what you want. Personally, I don't think it's ever a sacrifice when your Goals are that important to you. Give up something for the short term so you can have everything you want in the long term. It sounds simple and it can be tough, but it is so very worth it.

Maybe it's just some small changes that you need to make, maybe it's a bit of a life overhaul, either way, really commit to this "Business First" philosophy & see where it can take you.

This month, it's taken me to Cape Town, South Africa to spend 2 wonderful weeks with that beautiful mentor - Rachel Krider and a whole bunch of you guys. We were SO excited for each and every one of you that was there to experience the first of our Live Events since the world said "Pandemic First" & we disagreed.

I wish for everyone to come out of these events & of course benefit from the energy that's been pouring out from South Africa, and create what YOU want, Business First this year.

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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