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Why Vanilla is the Winning Flavour for Karen & should be for you too...

Meet Karen Murphy. The Irish born Entrepreneur / Boss Lady living in Sydney, telling us all to "Go Vanilla".

There is nothing bland about this lady, rarely do I see her wearing anything less than a brilliant array of colour & style, but yet, "Vanilla" is her go to for Success in Business.

Let me explain...

Karen Murphy - the Irish Online Business Owner living in Sydney, Australia

Karen was a successful Business woman in the Construction Industry before getting started here with Prosperity Of Life & when in her early 40's, she embarked on her "next phase of life", she decided she would get really clear on what she was looking for in her next Business - and it had to include Personal Development.

Karen completed her Yoga Teacher's Qualifications and then attracted our Business Model into her life - through one of those "little ads online". Fast forward 5 years & here we are, talking ice cream flavours with someone who has recently earned in excess of $50,000USD PROFIT in a single month, in her Prosperity Of Life business.

According to Google... to say that someone or something is Vanilla (figuratively speaking), means that they are ordinary, with no special or extra features. So what do I mean when I say Karen's flavour of Success in her Business is Vanilla? It means that her go to Success Strategy in Business is to not waiver from the "norm" - with respect to the simple mechanics of running our Business Model.

We have a very simple 3 step system & you won't find Karen adding in any "special or extra features" - other than her work ethic & her personality, which is how she makes a very simple & duplicatable business "her own". Karen's Success Strategy right from Day One has been to just follow the system, implement the training & not deviate from that. In her first 10 months she profited over $100kUSD & has gone on to recently join the "50k Club" after earning in excess of $50kUSD in a single month, with zero Marketing or Online Business experience. Maybe that's why Karen had to follow the system to a tee! Check out her interview video to hear about that...

Karen with some of her team members at our recent Super Saturday Event on the Gold Coast

I heard recently from one of our Rising Star Award winners that reinventing the wheel was one of his biggest mistakes - he said "Every time I reinvented the wheel, the wheels fell off!" I can relate! I think I broke every part of the system in my early days & it wasn't until I went right back to basics & did what "they" were telling me to do (the trainers) that it started working. The "it" of course was me, not the business. As soon as I started following the system, the results started flowing. So my results were definitely slower than Karen's in the beginning but we all have a learning curve, right? On Q&A Calls where individuals are getting their questions answered, this is often a question I get asked - what would you change about your early days or a tip for new people - for sure it's to follow the system.

In her video, Karen shares that she runs her business very part time, clocking off my 10am each day which allows her to go & enjoy the rest of the day doing other things she loves - Yoga, spending time with her daughter & her gorgeous dogs and of course, enjoying a great social life. When you have a set system to follow, this is all possible.

Karen catching up with Team Members & fellow Distributors at our "Party in Portugal"!

"I feel like a new person now. I'm starting to find my feet, I'm excited about life & boy it feels good!" It is so good Karen, you're right! One of the best things about what we do is seeing our Distributors create that exit strategy from what they don't want in a Business or Career or start that next phase in Life with a whole new design, and then be able to teach others to do the same. When you align with a Business Model & Product range that give you the opportunity to dream up whatever that perfect picture looks like to you, anything is possible. Karen has certainly created a colourful picture for her life & continues to do so. And just for laughs, her favourite ice cream flavour is actually Vanilla...

What's yours?! Let's get creative... 😉

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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