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Break The Ice

Those who participate in the 6 Pack Experience with The Prosperity Of Life Network are invited to join Rachel and Shane Krider at their villa in Phuket, Thailand. Each week distributors fly out from various places around the globe to receive personal marketing guidance and to expand their knowledge of personal growth and development. In addition, the guests create and receive videos that can be used for their personal business.

I'm pretty lucky because my job entails getting to know a wide range of talented and influential people all while hanging out in this stunning home. Despite the high number of distributors coming through each week, Rachel and Shane still manage to make each client's experience personal and unique.

The Prosperity Of Life Network has a huge following, which can sometimes be intimidating to prospective clients. Clients of Rachel and Shane Krider get to know them on a personal level, making their business unequalled. Yes, they have found great success but that doesn't stop them from creating strong and lasting bonds with each of their distributors.

Last week I joined Rach, Shane and five guests for dinner at the villa. I was a fly on the wall, listening to and admiring their enriched conversations. Shane had an answer for everything, and each word he expressed appeared to spark inspiration within every person sitting at the table. At dinner, a distributor said, "They (Rachel and Shane) have always been up front, honest and transparent" (Bev Matthews). A statement that is true to me. By opening their home to new guests each week, they break down barriers built by stigma, lack of awareness and curiosity, while devotedly providing the necessary framework for success.


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