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How to put a confident Spring in that very next Step...

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step..." ~ Martin Luther King

We have a training motto that we use here at Prosperity Of Life that says "Take the next step you can possibly take, as quickly as you can take it" and this past week I've been really pulling this apart & finding the power behind the message.

You're more ready than you think, to take that next step!

Have you ever felt like you have a huge goal that you're going for or that you're learning something new or trying to complete a big project & the end just seems so far out of sight? It's common at this point for overwhelm to kick in or even self sabotage.

You start telling yourself "I'll never be good enough... I'm not ready... I'll never make it... it's not going to work out". And then you hit "running point" where you run in the opposite direction & give up on your goal. This can happen in business, in relationships, or in going for any sort of goal or vision.

Without having a strong commitment to your Personal Development, for many people this is the failure point. It's where they'll give up for one of many reasons but usually not a factual one. It's important to recognise that we have to GROW through this phase to get to where we want to be. I'd like to share with you what some of my go to strategies are & that of a couple of our leadership team as well, because I know for sure that pushing through this point is so very worth it. It can literally be your make it or break it moment - and if you're anything like me, you have to know.

"If you're taking the next step, you're keeping yourself accountable" ~ Simon Haggard

In chatting with 200k Club & fellow Advisory Board Member Simon Haggard earlier today I was asking him about why throughout his more than a decade here with Prosperity Of Life has he always been willing to take the next step. "It's about always looking for that next goal that I'm working towards. You're taking the next step because you want to achieve something."

"Maybe it's the next goal, the next thing on the agenda, the next bright shiny object..." (would that happen to be his wife Lee Anne's influence do you think)?!

Whatever the reason for taking the next step, Simon knows that it's about backing himself as well, which he admits is sometimes not easy to do. "Your have to face the fear and do it anyway". He said "I love it when people say to me - But what if it doesn't work for me"... his reply... "What the *bleep* if it does?!"

We talked about being an "I have to know" kind of person. If something looks like you want it to, feels like you want it to, then you have to do the work to know if it's for you or not. I remember that feeling when I decided to take this business from being a hobby to a business - the only thing I had to change was consistency. I was already in love with the product - our Personal Development courses, I had already listened to & followed so much training, got to know the community & built my belief in the company. I was "in" but I wasn't "doing the thing". I made a deal with myself that I would do the recommended level of activity in the business for 12 months straight & know for myself that I could be "one of those" successful people. Or, I thought I'll be their first biggest failure, I just had to know either way. Obviously, it's worked out pretty well... 😉

Karen Murphy on taking the next step "Just don't stay on the sidelines..."

Karen Murphy, a fellow 50k Club & GLC Member shared on a Live Stream training session this past week about how staying on the sidelines & not continuing to take those next steps works against you in your business. "Jumping out on training calls, sharing your wins, ask questions, get yourself to events. This business rewards activity. Staying back & not participating, just like not using your product, is a big mistake." Karen went on to say that by not taking those next steps, "You're missing out on involvement & support and getting yourself known within the community - which is essential to building up your own confidence and leadership within yourself and within your business. You can be an observer for your whole life but that's not what we came here for, we came here to be participants. Whatever you do, don't stay on the sidelines." I looked at the roadmap ahead of me when I was a newer person, ready to jump in with both feet & I thought if I create a list of all of the things that Leadership has done to get to where they are, surely I'll hit my goals if I just tick those things off the list. Things like jumping out on calls, asking questions, placing that next ad, taking intro's on a Live Stream (once I'd started banking sales), co-hosting, doing my own Q&A's (now we have a whole team that does them for us!), buying my next event ticket, getting to a Super Saturday, going from a 3 plan to a 5 plan & beyond, deciding I wanted to win an award, having conversations with Leadership when the opportunities came up... it really is just a list to get through & sure enough you'll find yourself creating the results you're aiming for & you start having those "pinch me" moments of being in the same room as people you were just learning from. So, if you're hitting overwhelm, or you feel like you've lost your courage to take the next step with anything that's really important to you right now... please back yourself, do a gut check & ask yourself the question "Does this move me closer to my goal or further away?". Stop talking yourself out of it and just trust the process. Know that when you do take that next step, you'll find that you can see further ahead, you'll gain more knowledge & you'll build that confidence within yourself that you're going to be more than okay, that you can actually hit some incredibly epic goals & moments in your life over the next 12 months. Believe that it's for you. To Your Success! Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications #prosperityoflife #takethenextstep #believeinyourself #trusttheprocess #focus #onlinebusiness #rachelkrider #shanekrider

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