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It's as Simple as 1... 2... 3!

This Business, really is as simple as 1... 2... 3... You probably have the Jackson 5 song in your head now right? You might also realise that their lyrics say "It's as easy as 1, 2, 3..."

I won't ever say the Prosperity Of Life Business is easy, it requires time, effort & a whole lot of rolling up the sleeves to do the necessary things, but all day long I'll tell you it is Simple.

We often talk about our "3 Step System" and I will be honest, that took me a little while to wrap my head around (& I'm not the only one)! Many of us have worked in business and jobs previously where to get the "result" there were a lot more steps involved, so in getting started here it can be a bit of a surprise to find that there are 3 key steps to creating success in this business.

Some of our Q&A Team from around the world catching up in Cape Town, South Africa

One of our steps that we get told every day is "magical" is what we call our Q&A... it's the 3rd step in the system, when someone has reviewed our Business Presentation videos & they have a keen interest in what we do, we then schedule them into a 15-20min Zoom session with another leader within the company. We have a worldwide team of top performing Distributors that make up this team & we all pop a little bit of time on the roster each week to assist with these zoom calls. For free.

So what's in it for us? We love connecting with other members in our Prosperity Of Life Online Business Community & we love meeting people who are considering jumping onboard & helping them to understand the finer details, so they can make a good decision for themselves. Yep, we get a real kick out of it which naturally boosts our results in our own businesses! So it's a win-win-win!

Some more of our Q&A Hosts catching up.. we learn so much from each other!

As a new person, this was one of my favourite parts of what we do - listening to other more experienced people answering questions for me. Not only did it remove me from trying to "make the sale" it gave me the opportunity to listen in to how they would answer questions, I learned something new every single time, but most importantly it helped to build my level of belief that I could be "one of those successful people" too. Hearing someone else's conviction in this business was gold to me, every single Q&A Call. Quite often the Distributor isn't on the zoom while their potential new person is having their questions answered - especially when we're working on different time zones. That's OK, the support & that 3rd step is taken care of for them. Just this morning I closed a sale for a Chrissy & Col in Tamworth while they were out & about on their property and it was a $5kUSD profit! How good is that for a day in the garden! I wanted to share some feedback that has been sent up to us so you can hear just how rewarding this process is for our Distributors... "I just wanted to express my greatest thanks for the new Q&A Call System. I am learning & growing SO much from listening to how the leaders handle the calls & it's affecting my posture and the way in which I am BEING in the business. It's also taken my belief in the business to the next level and as you know - Belief is the key to the castle!" ~ Robyn, South Africa (Robyn just attended her first event & made a $5kUSD profit the following week).

A system so simple even our kids could follow it... maybe they will 😉

Hearing from new Distributors that they got started because of this process is even more rewarding... "I got started because I could see that I could do this - I could do exactly what she just demonstrated to me" #keepitsimple

So, can you follow a system that really is as simple as 1.. 2... 3? I think you can, but do you? If you haven't got started yet, reach back out to the person who invited you to watch the Business Presentation videos & tell them you're keen to experience this 3rd step for yourself, or go ahead & book in a session directly with one of our Q&A team - Book Here.

I'll take this moment to give Gratitude to our awesome Q&A Team Hosts as well! They are such a vibrant bunch to be working alongside... thanks again guys & gals!

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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