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Running an Online Business... Myles from Anywhere!

Myles Forsyth with his catch of the day in beautiful Queensland waters!

Meet Myles - he's an Aussie outback traveler & an all round great guy. This month he's knocked out yet another massive income result (over $50kUSD profit in 21 days in fact!) which he says was not a goal, it was just him doing what he does to run his business. Myles consistently earns a 5 figure monthly income in his Prosperity Of Life Business, all while traveling the coastal & country roads in his awesome RV with his wife Deb. He makes mention of the fact that his first few months in business weren't like that though. Being a business owner previously, Myles recognised that this was not like having a job, that it would take some time to build, but that it would be worth it - and at that monthly income level it certainly is.

Our Company Co-Owner Shane Krider, got chatting with Myles the other day on an internal training Live Stream & was able to have him reveal some wisdom about how he runs his business - despite Myles saying he usually doesn't follow the "rules". Myles works his business 4 days a week, about 3 hours a day - but those hours are dedicated to doing the most important tasks in his business to generate income & be of service to his team. "There's no secret sauce, you just keep building the pipeline. If you keep putting the numbers through, the orders flow". Shane commented that of course having the right mindset when you turn up to run your business is important but equally as important as focusing on getting the right tasks done & not getting caught up in "busy work" (which is all the wrong things).

Myles & Deb heading off on another adventure...

"It's really so simple - I think that some people can make it a whole lot more complicated than what it needs to be. Once you get the business set up, the day is much the same every day, it doesn't vary too much - not that it gets boring either!" I love this point - I'm often speaking to new Distributors on Welcome Zooms in their first few weeks of getting started & we talk about getting past the set up steps & into the "day to day mechanics of running the business". It very much is the same process to follow every day but there's always something exciting happening. We love hearing people's stories about why they're looking for an Online Business - we have SO much variety within our Business Community & that's what keeps it interesting - you never know who you're going to connect with next.

In recent weeks Myles has had a lot of personal commitments with family & friends requiring his assistance - as many of us do with ageing parents & other life matters that pop up. He pointed out that his recent income boost has come from work he's done in the past - that pipeline that he continually feeds that then affords him the timeout when he needs to take it.

One of Myles many scenic stops on his travels around Australia

Myles catching up with his Business Mentors Simon & Lee Anne on the Gold Coast

Although Myles has been a business owner before, he rarely mentions that when speaking with his enquiries because he's found that there was really no specific skills that he brought from his last business to here - he's learned everything he's needed to here from the training that has been provided. He said "The only thing I brought from my previous business to my Prosperity Of Life business, was my self discipline. The turning up to work every day - no one can make you do it. One of the greatest assets you can have is one of self discipline". How true!

I was fortunate enough to chat with Myles on a flight together after an event in Australia a little while ago!

It was really great conversation between Myles & Shane talking about the simplicity of our business & how to keep it simple by following the system, but by not being attached by staying within the lines all the time. We always value the authenticity in the conversations with Myles, our whole community does.

Sometimes we've gotta get off the beaten track to really see the way forward for us as individuals and Myles we love the way you've done this & thoroughly love seeing the results you create along the way. Congrats again & thanks for allowing us to share your story!

To Your Success!

Kirsty Goldsworthy ~ Prosperity Of Life Branding & Corporate Communications

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